Paul Nassif Denies Any Physical Abuse Towards Adrienne Maloof! Plus- He’s Been On The Committee Of A Domestic Violence Charity For Years!

After Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof’s chef released horrifying photos of her bruised body and insinuated it was her estranged husband Paul Nassif who beat her, Paul’s lawyer is firing back against the allegations.

The Beverly Hills Dr.’s lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, “Any suggestion that the photos show my client struck Adrienne Maloof is a complete fabrication.”  Singer continues, “No physical assault ever occurred.” As far as how Adrienne got the bruises, Singer suggests, “I can’t speculate how these marks occurred.  I know the woman does martial arts.”

TMZ is reporting that Paul has been a prominent person in a domestic violence charity for years, and that he’s attending a charity even THIS WEEK! Organizers of the charity, Face to Face, in NYC contacted Nassif this week to confirm his attendance at the event. The charity offers victims of domestic abuse free reconstructive surgery … and Nassif, who is well-known plastic surgeon, has been on the executive committee for years!

Tell Us- Do you think Paul beat Adrienne?

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4 Replies to “Paul Nassif Denies Any Physical Abuse Towards Adrienne Maloof! Plus- He’s Been On The Committee Of A Domestic Violence Charity For Years!”

  1. I refuse to believe a word of Adrienne’s allegations of abuse & I refuse to credit any truth to her hired Kitchen staff.Seriously,Adrienne qualifies as the Abuser.Paul’s a whipping post for Adrienne’s narcissisism! I have limited training in martial arts & @ 5’6″ 115lb.s I have been attacked getting into my car in a parking lot & I left two men one of which was an ex-marine weighing in approx.300lb.s & his partner @ 160lb.s knocked out cold.The cracks in Adrienne’s story are pitiful & transparent. Those pic.s didn’t look like marks from the type of beating she alleges.Her chef was cocky with bold comments about guests.Unethical,pompous!It was shameful Adrienne’s barely concealed snarling tongue & snapping eyes,nagging. I liked Adrienne at first.However, what showed itself was a real calculating,pious,cold,conniving woman with relentless,merciless,unequivocal displeasure for all things Paul aka Father of her sons, evident. Adrienne you sneaky Ms.Thang takes a page from Sybil/Taylor,no offense to victims of violence & or mental abuse. Adrienne was being rated boring & has to secure her spot on reality TV!It’s UNCONSCIONABLE & IT SPEAKS VOLUMES! In 2007 I saw a Dr.99210 Plastic surgeon, Dr.Paul Nassif, invited cameras to his home where he spoke of his wife in terms of PRIDE & AWE. . I ‘ve seen Adrienne’s pic.s & I just don’t believe the her claim.Sad.

  2. I really don’t believe Adrienne every time I watched her and her husband it was nothing but snarky remarks to him. I felt like she emasculated him every chance she could. One might want look back at older episodes of the show I can’t say that we ever got a look at a loving couple. I think she wanted a man to father her children and be an arm piece (a respectable arm piece) at that. Maybe the TV warps our view of the whole picture but man that woman can be mean.
    Just saying

  3. If anything Adrienne, was the one abusing Paul, look at how she talked to him and treated him on the show.

  4. I saw on the show Adrienne verbally abusing and demeaning Paul. She just wants to use that excuse for the divorce.

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