Part 3 of the Season 6 RHOBH Reunion


Part three of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion ended up where part two left off. Lisa Vanderpump admitted to being in an abusive relationship when she was 19 years-old. A fact she chose not to share when Eileen Davidson admitted to being in a similar relationship during a previous episode earlier in the season.

“I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to cry,” an emotional Lisa told Andy Cohen. “[It happened] once, then twice, and then I left … You know what, I don’t think I’ve cried about it since it happened, and I don’t think I even dwelled on it.”

Vanderpump’s cast mates explained that sharing these experiences only bring them closer. Davidson said, “It’s how people bond.” While Yolanda added, “It makes us like you more.”

But that didn’t mean that Eileen and Vanderpump were done fighting. Next, Davidson decided to call Vanderpump out for liking animals more than humans.

“You have way more empathy and feeling for animals than you do for, like, the women that are in this group,” Eileen said.

“I do have a lot of empathy for animals, and I do have a lot of empathy for people I care about,” Lisa snapped back.

Next, it was time for Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards to hash out their business. We all remember when Girardi told Kathryn how she really felt about LVP and then Edwards told LVP how Erika really felt about her. Kathryn admitted she didn’t handle the situation right.

She told Erika,  “In hindsight, I should have stopped you when you were saying the things that you were saying and said I didn’t like that.”

However, Erika didn’t like Kathryn’s explanation. She decided to reveal that Edwards had secretly called Lisa a “harmless old lady.” Edwards denied this accusation, and got mad at Erika for calling her a “f*cking c*nt” during her interviews.

Girardi responded, “Yeah, because that was a c*nt move. What you did was a c*nt move.”

Bravo decided to play a clip for the ladies of their former costar Brandi Glanville. In true Brandi form, she had words for pretty much all the women. She told Kyle that she’s a “completely different person” when Lisa Vanderpump isn’t around, she accused Lisa Vanderpump of being a puppeteer. But she saved her best burn for Lisa Rinna: “Rinna, the truth is, you’re not bipolar. You’re just like seriously nuttier than squirrel sh*t. Like batsh*t crazy.”

Once again Lisa Rinna insisted it was Lisa Vanderpump who was responsible for the Munchausen talk that happened all season.

“She came running out after me and said, ‘Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it,'” Rinna told Cohen of the day the events happened. Vanderpump continued to defend herself, while Rinna yelled, “Now you’re gonna make everybody crazy,” as Eileen nodded her head, “It’s called gas-lighting!”

So who does Yolanda believe? Andy Cohen asked the big question. “It’s all confusing to me,” she said. “I’m gonna go with Eileen, and I’m gonna go with her instinct and her experience from that because she was never the one to bring up this conversation.”

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump also fessed up to laughing about Yolanda Hadid’s Instagram pictures. Kyle even told Yolanda that her pictures were “outrageous,” and Yolanda was not pleased. “You laughed about what pictures, me on the IV?” she said. “Well, I’m glad you thought that was funny.”

The next subject was about Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd calling Lisa Rinna a “stupid bitch” and a “wanker” this season.  Rinna was horrified by Ken’s comments, saying, “If my husband did that about any of you women, I would be so appalled, I would vomit I would be so appalled.” But Vanderpump refused to apologize for her husband. “He felt that way,” Lisa said. “He was upset. Ken was pissed off.”

What did you think about the final installment of the reunion? Sound off below.

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For Lisa R to say she would vomit if her husband ever called another woman a crazy bitch is laughable. I feel quite certain that he, as well as she, has called another woman that or worse. The way I see it, Ken was standing up for his wife as he should. Another way for Lisa and Eileen to try to get more airtime.

I agree Merianne.

Thank you. Glad to see someone thinks similar to me.

BTW, you might like this if you have’t already seen it. Looks like the after show discussion panel is SO glad this show is over, LOL

I agree but have to add that I think that skank, Rinna, vomits after every meal.

ITA! Ken was speaking at his own home. He didn’t say that to LR’s face. Don’t tell me none of them or their husbands have ever said anything like that in their own home.

ITA! Ken was in his own home & has a right to say what he wants. I guess LR, ED, Yo, & Erika are the only ones allowed to speak their mind. Give me a break!

Not how I would sum it up…
Erika and Kathryn worked it out…Yolanda and Rinna worked it out…Kyle admitted she laughed at Yolo’s instagram pictures…and that she worked around LVP’s limitations to maintain her friendship…Brandi dropped by to stink up the place….and LVP copped to nothing…again..

apple, LVP did say she was sorry to Yo for not being more sensitive to her illness and that she regretted it. With regard to owing anyone else an apology, I don’t think she does. She shouldn’t have to apologize for what Ken said. I would wager that most husbands would say the same or similar about a woman who was attacking their wife the way Rinna was. Kathryn was quite vocal in her defense of LVP, saying that she never heard LVP say an unkind word about anyone.

Yolanda didn’t seem to want an apology from any of them..and she definitely sided with Rinna and Eileen as the day wore on…even though Rinna admitted she was the one who brought the Munchhausen thing to the table….originally. She bristled some when they discussed Kyle and LVP laughing at the pictures of her various wacky treatments…but mostly seemed to just sit back and watch the back and forth between Rinna and LVP. I think she feels validated…because she (and many others) have been saying that Vanderpump is sneaky…and manipulative for several seasons now…and she is hoping finally the fans will… Read more »

Apple I loved everything you said. I don’t need to bcomment now. And hallelujah this awful season is finally over.

Thanks DeeDee…I am over this too…and ready to laser in on Southern Charm and NY…two of my favs.

I’m going to download a season of southern charm and see how I like it. It seems to have better reviews than our old standbys

This is very fair. …and a solid, reasonable point about the husbands inserting themselves. I understand taking up for one’s wife, but the Ken’s foul language against women has always been a complete turn-off. Kim has made little sense about much through the years, but seeing his language this year made me realize in retrospect EXACTLY where Kim was coming from in a previous season when she called him a mean old nasty man at dinner. He’s been a jackass, and shows himself more and more to have a propensity for disrespect towards women. I still stand by the notion… Read more »

Love it! Exactly the way I felt about him grabbing Yolanda’s arm. I agree with everything you said.

He did not grab her arm. They both raised their hand at the same time and touched each other. No way in hell did he “grab her arm.”

I know! It’s absolutely ridiculous! Any one would think he grabbed her and bruised her. Yo is just a freak and takes every opportunity to make Lisa and Ken look bad! Pathetic!

Bon & apple, love you both, but also disagree with both. But, I guess that’s why we’re here, to agree & disagree. I love how Ken always supports his wife. He just touched Yolanda’s arm & she near brought laywers in–as usual in par with her behavior. Kim attacked him nastily under the influence of alcohol. Lisa R & her mad behavior deserved what she got, not enough in my book, she needed a kick in her butt to even it out.

Thanks, Bon Vivant. We don’t always agree…Yolanda, for one…but your posts always help me see things from a different viewpoint….and I enjoy reading them.

apple, well said. I agree 100%.


AMEN Apple – very well put


Apple , seriously who are you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ We never agreed on anything 3 months ago, now look at us lol

I am evolving…but I am sure we will be in a disagreement again eventually….and I look forward to it…as you are always a worthy opponent.

You’re so sweet 🙂 and yes nothing wrong with repectful disagreement and I look forward to it. OC is coming and I know most are gunning for my precious Shannon LOL….. Shannon is my LVP !! I’m aware of how kooky she is and still love her. But I’m not afraid to call her out and her bs! I don’t feel disloyal for doing that . Evolving is good. I feel I’ve evolved on several things myself and that makes me feel that I’m not a rigid old fossil lol! ❤️ U apple xoxo

Rain, this just cannot be! Shannon Beador is my favorite HW of all time! She’s only been around a few years but I like her even better (just a little) than LVP. She is so down to earth and I love all of her homeopathic stuff and Dr Woo and the accupunture! Of all the HW’s I think she would be the most fun and the most genuine HW to hang out with. Also, I never want to leave any forum on a bad note. I know you asked me not to comment after you and I respected that. But… Read more »

I just read what I wrote and had to smile because I’ve only posted on one other blog or forum before…go figure.

Much appreciated Janelle! :). Let’s let bygones be bygones ❤️❤️❤️ I do sometimes get in a hissy fit and react to something or feel a certain way. You’re a bigger woman that I am for reaching out!!! And hey , how can I resist a fellow Shannon fan, there’s not that many of us ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks again and I’m sorry in return for over reacting . Some of the best friendships begin with a tiff xoxoxo

Your post was well thought out, but I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree. I could again post my thoughts about the season and the reunion, but it would be nothing new. Only thing I’ll say is that Yolanda was definitely wanting something from the women or she wouldn’t have commented to Erika that she wished Kyle felt as passionately about Yo’s well being as she did when Kyle was talking about whoever, I don’t even remember. She agreed with Eileen, not Rinna. On WWHL, post reunion but before it aired, she said she considered LVP a… Read more »

Definitely time to move on, Janelle…onto NY (and Southern Charm) and I am sure we will agree (and probably disagree)again in the future…but that is what makes the boards so interesting to me….how we can all watch the same show and feel so differently about the cast and events.

True enough…enjoy your day. 🙂

I agree with you Janelle on this comment but would also like to add what’s wrong with calling a spade a spade? Ken was not in the wrong speaking his feelings on Lisa R. Is this not a reality show? Isn’t the camera supposed to catch real moments of the cast? Why are we criticizing what is said between a man and his wife? I liked him more for saying it. Now the Yolanda protest when Ken touched her arm. They have been at least acquaintances for along time so why was she so incensed at bumping hands other than… Read more »
I agree the soap actresses need to go. They didn’t belong on a reality show in the first place. And Yo is a bit of a drama queen when she isn’t getting enough attention because she’s such a snooze fest. I think she’s a beautiful woman, but you’re right- it isn’t enough to be the prom queen. I also think she could be jealous of LVP because Lisa actually has a husband who wants to be with her and supports her unconditionally. You could tell David Foster was a chauvinistic creep right off the bat. I feel bad for Yolanda,… Read more »

Janelle…..I’m sorry but I disagree re Ken’s behaviour. That’s a pattern with Ken. I don’t like him or LVP. And I would slap my husband silly for speaking like that, not that he would!

Oh goody, I’m first. So tired of same ole…but Yolanda stfu!!! Eileen, get your hand out of LR butt and let her speak for herself and watch the resting bitch face. The fact that Brandy likes Eileen says it all. Erika,pull your head out of Yolanda’s butt. And now there’s one more episode…secrets revealed? Unless they show any clip, just one that proves all of lr accusations, not interested. And all these women need lvp to leave her drama and pain on the table so they can feel closer to her…step back. If lvp chooses to focus on what she… Read more »

Fully agree Justme, fully agree.

Yeah, I want to see something incriminating of LVP. They all come down on her, but as viewers we see nothing of the sort. If anything I’d think that someone else is manipulating them into attacking LVP, but who? Because I don’t think it’s Yo either. It’s probably the two soap stars just looking to drum up a bit of drama so they don’t lose their “roles” on the show.

I think it was disgusting when Eileen said Lisa had more empathy for animals than the people on the couch. Duh! None of those bitches, minus Kyle, deserve her empathy. And NONE of them care about ANYTHING accept their money and status. Erika had potential, but only if YoYo leaves the show. Kathryn, although I really can’t stand her, might do better in a second season. Rinna reminds me of when my sister got her lip stuck in a coke bottle, and my brother had to break it to eliminate the suction. She is simply revolting to look at, listen… Read more »

LVP uses her energy to support people & animals. Yo, Erika, ED, or LR have done nothing for anyone else. It’s all about them & their egos. They disgust me.

Well, I type too slow to be first after all…and maybe I’m evil…but the pic of Your in the toaster is laughable!

Yo in the toaster!!! FU spellcheck!

Have you watched any of the Southern Charms episodes yet Justme? Are they worth watching in your opinion? I’ve got them on DVR but haven’t had the time yet…

Yes although there isn’t as much going on yet, it’s setting the stage for the major blowup but in my opinion it’s much more fun to watch cause most everyone is so self involved and self motivated…I really enjoy it…but I love Ink Master too so…

It was funny, she needs to lighten up a bit. The best medicine is laughing and finding the light-hearted side of things.

Still don’t understand why You is so upset about someone asking about her children when she is the one that put it out there in the first place. I would be more upset to think my friends didn’t care enough to be concerned about my children’s well being. Also, how weak are these women anyway that we are supposed to believe that LVP manipulates them so easily. It looked to me like Eileen was doing a good job of manipulating Lisa R. She keep leading her answers and getting her to be the crazy one.

1. These people are not real friends. 2. Intention is everything. The proof is in every timed action and choice of wording that these people wanted to use her illness and anything around it simply to create drama and good tv. 3. Manipulation isn’t exactly an easy task. It takes discernment, foresight, cunning, timing, and a broader knowledge of human nature to execute. It’s definitely a “doable” thing if one is well versed enough and patient enough to know what they’re doing. So I’m not buying Lisa V’s weeping willow act whenever she gets caught red handed. Her main talent… Read more »

Brava, Bon Vivant. You nailed it. When you’ve lived it, it’s so easy to spot, isn’t it? I’ve seen it in the workplace and I’ve seen it in my own family.

I don’t know if I agree with you, but you make good points. However, I do believe that there are people who are very good at manipulating others without even trying. They don’t need to put forethought into it- it’s just who they are. I get everyone blames LVP, but it’s all heresy because we’ve not actually seen her so much else besides ask Eileen about her affair. The only past indiscretion I see is when she refused to get rid of Scheana Shay when her bff Brandi was telling her what a slap in the face it was to… Read more »
Bon Vivant you are so correct. I did not let myself see any of this until S6. #1 is absolutely correct THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT REAL FRIENDS (except LR & ED) I do think they have a real history and friendship. Rinna thot that LVP was her real friend – until this show. LVP deals in transactional relationships. LVP uses this show to craft her public image and until this season has been successful because she was up against people that were not credible. LR and ED are credible and LVP underestimated their compliance in moving LVP’s chosen story line.… Read more »


Rhina and Eileen have to go. These two are making me stop watching the show and any show that they are in. They go on and on about the same topic. These 2 are big time hypocrites. Lisa Rhina wants the camera time and so is Eileen. Rhina has a big mouth and it really showed this season how big her mouth is and how annoying and disappointing she is. All these women are strong and successful, how can someone manipulate any of these people, unless that person point a gun on their head. Rhina and Eileen, that is why… Read more »

I just zip, or when on my laptop, move arrow. If I get the timing wrong, I mute. Rinna actually GAGS me.

All I can say is thank goodness it’s finally over. I don’t think I have anything to say about any of these women. Andy, well, no, I’m not saying anything about him either!!!
If Eileen is coming back I’m not and if LVP doesn’t come back I’m not. That’s it! All I have to say. Not sure if I will watch anymore RH anyway now, they are all the same nothing new!

I like Erika. The more I see her and hear her, the more I think she’s got one hell of a head on her shoulders. This was her freshman year. I’ll see if I still feel that way after next season.

Me too! I hope she comes back, but that good head on her shoulders might keep her from returning for a second season

Yipeeeeeeee its over! We didn’t need 3 hours of the same sh#t over and over again! I wouldn’t be surprised if LVP leaves even though she is the show. If LVP leaves does anyone think that anyone would be fired? I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept everyone unless LVP stayed then I think you’ll see people fired.

I hope she does quit! I’m sick of it! Sick of Andy as well, I would love her to have her own show on her life not SUR just animals and Ken of course.xoxox

Yes, I would love LVP to have her own show with her own real friends and family, especially Ken. I think she and Ken need to take a break from Housewife BS. I would love for them to take an around the world trip where we see each place, see the scenery, watch their meals, museums, people watch, tour hotels, take sailing trips, etc. It could be geared to relaxing and not too fast paced. If not that, then just Beverly Hills and wherever LVP travels to sell sangria, etc. 😉 ITA Suze!


I hope so Naynay. If LVP goes, so do I. If she stays & has the power, boot them out, they’re horrible.

#Boring. Can LVC quit already?
Oh and did Rinna vomit when her husband wore a nazi teeshirt on halloween? Cause we all did.
This season was a trainwreck. Thank god for Yolanda Eileen & Erika. LVQ & Kyle’s fake relationship is laughable. Bravo needs t shake things up and fire the bitter old LVC

Please go have several more glasses of wine BRANDI.

Jake, I have no words. Please continue to state your opinion.

Jake = Boring. Crude. Ignorant. Brandy. Xanax with a many wine chaser before having the balls to post.
Same post over and over, simply cut and paste. Wants so, so, so badly to be in Lisa V’s panties, it’s all he/she thinks of while “patting the puss.” Thinks of the kids….when? Nice comic relief for the genuinely intelligent posts here.

This season was a waste of time and energy! I believe, because LVP runs too much of the show. Andy is powerless over her and it shows. LVP is bitter and angry with people – why she loves dogs so much, they don’t talk back. The only reason she and Kyle are friends is because she controls Kyle – Kyle confirmed. LVP is conniving, she knows what she’s doing…only her actions are getting old and tiresome. Kyle might as well not been on the show this season. I do see where viewers can come away with the impression of Yo,… Read more »

Oh, I forgot – my take on their choice of dresses…
Erika – stunning as always!
Kyle – that’s what I call a sit down dress – looks better sitting down! Love the shoes.
LVP – beautiful dress – does NOT fit her properly at all!!!
YO – stand up dress – looks better standing up..
Rinna – ugly for a reunion, as plain as she is…
Eileen – love it – although would look better a tad longer. Great shoes!
Kathryn – eh not a fan of the dress but it fits her well

For the most part did we all not love the SHOES on this reunion? Also, I must say that THIS cast has the highest quota of beautiful legs of all the Housewives franchises! There’s only a hit or miss here or there, but the majority of these dames have gorgeous gams in a world where you normally get one or two girls per cast with shapely legs.

I loved Yolanda’s shoes. I feel that someone as short as Kyle should never wear shoes that cut her off at the ankle. A dress of that length makes her look shorter than she is. It weighs her down.

to be honest – not a fan of Yo or Rinna’s. Rinna could have spiced up her plain dress with some sparkle or different color. They do all have great legs…I hadn’t noticed till you mentioned!

I thought the very same thing. What legs those women have, every single one of them, too. They all are in great shape and should show off those assets. The shoes were all gorgeous too.

I just have to say that if LVP runs the show and Andy is so powerless over her then I don’t think Brandi would’ve been able to make her hate video and have it aired at the reunion.

Sorry, Danielle, I mean during the taping of the reunion(s) not what appears on the show or reunion. BG hate video…??? LVP’s only upset cause BG had the last word. Come on, even LVP fans can see she always wants the last one…she admitted it herself.

If Lisa Rinna would only hear herself talk. She said she would be appalled if HH spoke the way Ken did with Ken’s insults directed at her. She should be appalled at her own horrible nature, nasty words etc; so Happy LVP made no apology. As for Eileen saying LVP has more empathy for animals than people was a below the belt once again hit at LVP. Again, LVP answered as I would’ve. I applauded her for that. Yolanda took offense that Kyle & the entire world made fun of her sick selfies?! give me a break, she asked &… Read more »

ITA! I was so disappointed with the 3 reunion shows. It was all about nonsense. I can’t believe Andy wasn’t more prepared with other questions (90% was LVP & manipulation). There were so many more things he could have brought up. I can’t stand Yo, Erika, ED, or LR. They have completely ruined this show.

Damn I fell asleep very early last night and completely missed the entire show

I am over RHOBH. This show was about some of the cast ganging up on Lisa Vanderpump and by doing so getting enough airtime to be considered again for the next season. Andy Cohen is playing fast and loose with the star of the show, Lisa Vanderpump, and I hope she quits for her own peace of mind. Did you notice how Andy seemed to be aiming the questions more at LVP than any of the other cast members? He seemed to love taking Lisa Vanderpump down too but only to create more drama for his show. He definitely had… Read more »

I wish I had read your comment first because I wouldn’t have written one . You said everything I wanted to and agree 100% with what you said.

They were being horrible to LVP and I’m glad Kyle stood by her side .

I’m glad Kathryn stood up for LVP during the season & at the reunion.

If Lisa goes, Kyle has to also. They are the stars.


CJ, agree with everything you said. My thoughts exactly.

ITA with just about everything you said, but I pray LVP & Kathryn come back. I will not watch if Yo, Erika, ED, or LR are on. Team LVP all the way. I’ve always love Andy, but I’m really upset at the way he handled this reunion.He missed so many opportunities to bring up other things. Just sad for the show I loved so much.

Here are the facts: 1. Kathryn – didn’t do much this year. Her talk of $, the need for expensive handbags and that jewelry store thing. My take? Insecure. 2. Eileen – overacts, overly dramatic, childish, emotionally stunted, prods and pushes other, bossy, demanding, victim mentality, wants to hide the truth of THE AFFAIR, weird marriage to Vinnie and in love with who she thinks she is but really can’t stand the real her she knows is deep down inside. My take? Jealous, insecure, desperate, conniving and embarrassed of THE AFFAIR. 3. LR – too much of everything that doesn’t… Read more »

GIGI, I wish I would have seen your post before I wrote mine. I could have just agreed without having to write anything more. Well said.

Thanks Gigicat now I can take a nap instead of watching

I agree with everything you said, except Kathryn. I really like her. She is honest, calls them like she sees them, & doesn’t let other people sway her opinions. I was so glad she stood up for LVP.

GIGI, verrrry nice. I love the way you described them all and I LOVED the final synopsis at the end. Thank you very much!!♥︎

Excellent Job, from start to finish line, agree totally.

That Brandi video is proof of what I’ve been saying all along. For Andy, it’s all about ratings and drama and be could care less what viewers want or think. So all those petitions and tweets to fire x and y , are really meaningless. He will do what he wants to do

No one can persuade Andy to do anything. After the backlash about Vicki he still had her back! That’s why I won’t watch. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s another great example Suze! The ore people react and complain, he sees it as a drama opportunity. People WILL watch out of anger I guess 🙂 LOL

I went off Andy after reading his book, realising how sleazy he is and all talk about who he knows! Prior to that I thought he was good but not anymore.

He’s just a tv guy and is all about the bottom line, which is ‘do whatever necessary to get ratings’ !! I know he pretends he’s friends with some of the HWs or that he likes this HW or that one, but they’re all cash cows to him and that’s it . He will throw any of them under the bus for the sake of the show

Totes! Lolxoxoxox

Hi Suze, I agree. I used to like Andy, but he’s become a male version of Brandi. His comments about picking up 23 year old guys on Tinder is so tired. He’s 47 and talks like an oversexed teenager. As always, hope all is well with you.

Thanks Janelle, I’m having a few good days and looking forward to my kids coming up on Monday!

Erika rocked the house !!

It’s very common for followers to gang up on the strong. LR/ED/YO against LVP. Because the three have nothing to give they will beat her down until LVP gives in. This is a witch hunt by the weak minded who will go to any length , whether true or not. ED comes up with “I’ve been abused” after she realizes her adultry story is still strong. Not saying she wasn’t but her ,YO said to LVP she would be more likeable it she put everything on the table. Same goes for them , so why didn’t ED say this earlier… Read more »

Ditto and ditto. If one of them leave, I hope the other one does too. The show would be absolutely NO FUN at all without getting to see their banter and true, genuine friendship. If either leaves, me too. and I never say that.

If LVP leaves the show, I’m out.

Just because YoYo and everyone wants Lisa to “share” her past, to make the, “bond” doesn’t mean she is required to do so. The way they all sat and refused to understand a lot of the things about her personality, but she is supposed to not only understand theirs, but EMBRACE it. When Lisa was saying, yes, it was true, she didn’t want Eileen to be upset anymore about the affair comment, Lisa was being totally genuine. But they looked at her as though she didn’t have the right to think how she thinks and feel how she feels. After… Read more »

I totally agree with you!

ITA! They have a pack mentality. Think & do as I say or else! Hope those Bs are gone next season. Give us a break: Andy & Bravo.

I’m so proud of LVP. She stood her ground without going in the gutter. She refused to change because they ganged up on her. She didn’t give in. I’m the same way. I like the way she sticks to her principles. The other Bs don’t have any principles or scruples.

Eileen pointing out after Lisa shared how much anguish she felt over the dogs in China, and that BITCH has the nerve to say Lisa has more compassion for animals than people. She can shove it up her ass and blow it up, Eileen can. God, what a horrible person. Her and Rinna deserve every nasty tweet they get, which I hope is A LOT.

Everyone knows how much LVP does for animals and how much it’s appreciated.
What has ED done? She has shown what a cold hearted person she really is.
She is the reason why a lot of people prefer animals over humans.
Time for the trio to go (Yo,ED,LR).

ME too, 3 D’s, Me Too.

I thought it was rather shitty of Andy to point out that when Eileen hurt Lisa’s feelings, and Eileen apologized, that he said that was all Eileen probably wanted from Lisa. And that would have eliminated the problem. He doesn’t have the right, IMO, to make comments like that about personal happenings on the show. Especially when it makes a cast member look bad. And, Erika lied when she said she hadn’t watched the show. When YoYo, Eileen and her were at the picnic table, she mentioned particularly that Lisa enjoys being thought of as “Bobby Fisher.” Now, she wouldn’t… Read more »

ITA! The women who said they didn’t watch the show before are complete liars. We know because we heard & saw them reference things they would not have known.

Erika’s husband comes off as a real turd… but they all want to rag on LVP and her husband. ED and LR – I felt they acted ”fake” on the reunion – total actresses and so full of poop. Kathryn and Kyle came off the reunion looking pretty good.. Lisa VP – she’s the queen – like it or not.

Erika totally lacks class.

ITA 3 D’s Forever! I didn’t like the way Andy handled that either. They were 2 different situations. Eileen never told LVP it hurt her feelings. If she had then maybe LVP would have said I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. But again, Eileen never said LVP hurt my feelings. Can’t stand Eileen.

Love LVP! Team LVP all the way! Can’t stand Yoliar, Erika, ED, or LR. Hope all those Bs are gone next season.