Part 3 of the Season 6 RHOBH Reunion


Part three of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion ended up where part two left off. Lisa Vanderpump admitted to being in an abusive relationship when she was 19 years-old. A fact she chose not to share when Eileen Davidson admitted to being in a similar relationship during a previous episode earlier in the season.

“I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to cry,” an emotional Lisa told Andy Cohen. “[It happened] once, then twice, and then I left … You know what, I don’t think I’ve cried about it since it happened, and I don’t think I even dwelled on it.”

Vanderpump’s cast mates explained that sharing these experiences only bring them closer. Davidson said, “It’s how people bond.” While Yolanda added, “It makes us like you more.”

But that didn’t mean that Eileen and Vanderpump were done fighting. Next, Davidson decided to call Vanderpump out for liking animals more than humans.

“You have way more empathy and feeling for animals than you do for, like, the women that are in this group,” Eileen said.

“I do have a lot of empathy for animals, and I do have a lot of empathy for people I care about,” Lisa snapped back.

Next, it was time for Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards to hash out their business. We all remember when Girardi told Kathryn how she really felt about LVP and then Edwards told LVP how Erika really felt about her. Kathryn admitted she didn’t handle the situation right.

She told Erika,  “In hindsight, I should have stopped you when you were saying the things that you were saying and said I didn’t like that.”

However, Erika didn’t like Kathryn’s explanation. She decided to reveal that Edwards had secretly called Lisa a “harmless old lady.” Edwards denied this accusation, and got mad at Erika for calling her a “f*cking c*nt” during her interviews.

Girardi responded, “Yeah, because that was a c*nt move. What you did was a c*nt move.”

Bravo decided to play a clip for the ladies of their former costar Brandi Glanville. In true Brandi form, she had words for pretty much all the women. She told Kyle that she’s a “completely different person” when Lisa Vanderpump isn’t around, she accused Lisa Vanderpump of being a puppeteer. But she saved her best burn for Lisa Rinna: “Rinna, the truth is, you’re not bipolar. You’re just like seriously nuttier than squirrel sh*t. Like batsh*t crazy.”

Once again Lisa Rinna insisted it was Lisa Vanderpump who was responsible for the Munchausen talk that happened all season.

“She came running out after me and said, ‘Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it,'” Rinna told Cohen of the day the events happened. Vanderpump continued to defend herself, while Rinna yelled, “Now you’re gonna make everybody crazy,” as Eileen nodded her head, “It’s called gas-lighting!”

So who does Yolanda believe? Andy Cohen asked the big question. “It’s all confusing to me,” she said. “I’m gonna go with Eileen, and I’m gonna go with her instinct and her experience from that because she was never the one to bring up this conversation.”

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump also fessed up to laughing about Yolanda Hadid’s Instagram pictures. Kyle even told Yolanda that her pictures were “outrageous,” and Yolanda was not pleased. “You laughed about what pictures, me on the IV?” she said. “Well, I’m glad you thought that was funny.”

The next subject was about Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd calling Lisa Rinna a “stupid bitch” and a “wanker” this season.  Rinna was horrified by Ken’s comments, saying, “If my husband did that about any of you women, I would be so appalled, I would vomit I would be so appalled.” But Vanderpump refused to apologize for her husband. “He felt that way,” Lisa said. “He was upset. Ken was pissed off.”

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