One Accessory Lisa Vanderpump Can’t Live Without

We all know RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump lives a luxurious life, but it is interesting to learn what Lisa found irresistible to buy recently.

“The last thing I splurged on was a Gucci handbag. Gorgeous. Black with black lace on the top of it,” Lisa says in the latest installment of The Last Thing. “I didn’t think when I saw it that I could live without it. I don’t even think I’d be sitting here now had I not bought it.”

What do you think of Lisa’s choice?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    Boring….(but Lisa looks fab).

    • starr


  • Rain

    If Erika would’ve said that, she would’ve been called a materialistic gold digger lol

    • Jkn


  • Deb Brenn

    Her lifestyle is certainly not one most of us can relate to, but I think she’s worked her ass off to have it. So, I’m rolling my eyes less at her frivolous priority than I would at one of the other housewifes that either had Daddy’s money or a rich husband that did it for her.

    • jay

      yeah she married a 40 year old when she was 20, who then went on and invested his money in restaurants. wow, she worked a lot in her life yeah. Working at a restaurant you own, showing up twice a week, or remodeling a place isn’t work to me, but well!

      • Rain

        Well said Jay ! I’m surprised there isn’t a shrine yet for her fans to worship 🙂

    • Aunt Bee

      I agree with you Deb Brenn. She has worked hard and is very generous with her charitable causes.

  • Deb Brenn


  • Duchess of Narnia

    Shallow….so housewife

  • jay

    Facetune? Photoshop? lmao

  • Melanka Trump

    One more facelift and she`ll have a beard…..unless she gets a Brazilian wax regularly, that is