No Truce Between Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton


Even though RHOBH star Kyle Richards posed for a picture with her older sister Kathy Hilton at Kris Jenner’s Christmas party, according to a new report, there is no peace between the sisters. In fact, things are worse than ever.

“There is no truce between Kyle and Kathy,” an insider revealed, adding that Kyle has accused her older sister Kathy of being a social climber.

“That photo was a total set up,” the source said. “They’re not getting along at all right now because their family issues go much deeper than they will ever reveal on a reality show.”

Nicky Hilton‘s summer 2015 wedding at Kensington Palace is still a point of contention for the sisters.

“Chelsea Clinton was invited to the wedding but Kyle’s two kids Alexia and Sophia were not. That stung Kyle,” the source told RadarOnline. “The Hiltons don’t even know the Clintons so it is even more hurtful. And then Kathy and Nicky come up with the excuse that the Rothschilds know them well? That’s a ridiculous story that Kyle just couldn’t believe! It was the lowest of insults. It makes Kyle think that Kathy is really becoming a social climber.”

“Kyle never thought things would get so bad with Kathy. Kim [Richards] has been a problem for years, but the snub by Kathy at the wedding crossed a line. She doesn’t know how they’ll ever repair the damage!”

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27 Replies to “No Truce Between Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton”

  1. That is hilarious! Kathy has always been a social climber!! Maybe she should have looked after her kids a bit better. They might have grown up to do something rather than be brats! Excluding Nicki! At least Kyle’s and Kim’s kids seem to be ok .( I know Kim’s son has had problems but I hope he is through them now).

    1. I do not and have not ever formed an opinion from tabloids, that would be very difficult as I don’t read them only broadsheets! Thank you for your reply but I will stick to my original. I enjoy when commenters question my opinions as it makes me think, however, when someone hides behind ‘anonymous’ I don’t take any notice usually. I just thought this one deserved a reply! Sign on with a name and we can discuss.

  2. No, I don’t think Kathy is a social climber. When your last name has been Hilton for thirty-plus years, I’d say your climb has already been successfully completed long ago.

    I like Kyle but she really should just shut her mouth about Kathy’s family. Also, I am not so sure Mauricio didn’t backstab Rick Hilton. He’s been accused more than once of being overly ambitious and a bit oily. We just don’t know, I guess.

    More importantly, I really don’t understand why someone with as much access to stylists as Kyle has doesn’t present herself better, especially when she owns a clothing and accessories store. Kyle, fix that hairline problem, your face looks like a weird giant rectangle. Also, quit with all the junky-looking jewelry. If you don’t know how to put it together (and you don’t) the best you can do is choose ONE necklace and ask someone else, ANYONE else, if it looks good or not before you go out.

    1. That last part regarding Kyles appearance is Right On- she dresses childish / attention seeking and her figure ( she needs to exercise) age isn’t a ladys friend/whereas Men don’t worry ,some actually get more handsome- Exercise is Key or Flab and Cottage Cheese Azz comes to mind ..

    2. Kyle can thank her husband for backstabbing Rick Hilton. What did Kyle expect? That Rick & Kathy just roll over & let that slimy Mo let his ego rule without consequences? I think the social climbers are Kyle & Mo. The Hilton’s don’t need to climb anything. Their name has been around since before Liz Taylor married Nicky Hilton. How long has Umansky’s name been around?

  3. On one show there was a masquerade party or roaring twenties party or something like that and Kyle had on a wig with bangs. She looked SO much better!

  4. Course Kathy is a social climber, but Kyle may as well have Social Climber listed as a skill on her CV.
    That’s some pot calling the Kettle black stuff right there, they were raised to be social climbers.

    Maybe Kyle should realize the wedding wasn’t about her, and the bride, groom and immediate family get to choose guests not Kyle. It seems stupid to me that she would think they would invite the man that stole clients from the father of the bride, even if Mauricio is in the right, he still stole clients there is zero reason for him to be invited.

    1. As Lisa V said, I think Kyle needs to draw a line in it all and not be caught between the two. personally i would not have gone the wedding had my partner not been invited. If maurico did do what he is accused of then Kyle would have been aware of the consequences at the time. I think at a woman of 40+ she needs to realise that things may never get better and call it what it is. There are many people who dont get on with there family.

  5. What was it Kyle said last season? If you meet more than one a**hole a day then most likely you’re the a**hole. She’s fighting with them both while they get along, I’m just putting that out there.

  6. You can’t chose family. I don’t think Mauricio broke Richard Hilton by taking a few clients. People want to break away and start up their own companies all the time. Maybe the clients encouraged him to go on his own and said they would follow if he did. He took a chance going on his own and has been very successful doing it. Good for him. I am not a Kyle fan, but I can’t say I am not envious of her privileged life. Her immediate family seems to be fairly grounded considering the wealth they have acquired. I can’t say that for the rest of her family.

  7. Kyle should do whatever she wants…and both Kathy and Kim can either get over it or not. Both have certainly brought enough bad press onto themselves without Kyle’s help.

  8. One not need to look very far to get the scoop on Kathy’s child rearing “abilities” when there are so many people who don’t even know each other having basically the same stories So many people were in the employ of the Hiltons from their own hotels to the many and varied ones they stayed in for all those years that have been telling the world how they were treated by the Hilton Sr.s and then as soon as Paris reached speaking age, by her. It isn’t very far reaching the way she continues to treat others and what we have seen and heard that are factual accounts, that the kids were left to their own devices and Kathy thought because she had money everyone else could worry about whether the kids ate or were clothed or went to school. The one thing she seemed to forget about is that they needed love and guidance. Kyle is at the top of the Family tree as far as I am concerned, she has always been there for her kids and they are lovely, well adjusted young ladies.

    1. You are right and as always say it so much better than I do! People seems to think Kathy has not been in the public eye but not in the way Kyle and Kim have. Big Kathy tried to get Kathy into acting but she was never good enough. Kim was the most successful then Kyle. It’s sad that Kathy was only known for who she married and all of the times when three of four of her children had to be bailed out of jail. I’m surprised Nicki is so normal. The reality shows Kathy has tried to do have failed. She just hasn’t got the personality to be successful. All three girls had a horrible upbringing, Kim’s kids seem to be good, I think the eldest works for her uncle Rick. I know she has a job! Kyle’s girls, Farah works for Mauricio at the Agency and two are at college. (As far as the youngest she is six let’s wait another 12 years before condemning her. I hate young kids as you know being talked about on blogs especially negatively. It just shows the character of the person making the comments. When they are grown it is different. Happy new year 3D.

  9. If my husband was not invited to a family wedding, I would not have gone either. Kathy Hilton has always felt she was much better than anyone, and has raised her kids to believe the same. Kyle has a lovely family, and if she were to focus more on her husband and kids and less on her sisters, she would be better off. Walk away Kyle, hold your head up high, and if it’s meant that you have little to do with your sisters, so be it. You are blessed with your own little family, enjoy them.

  10. I still think she went for Nicky. Her detractors like to say it was for the exposure, well, because anything she does, says, wears, has, looks like on and on and on, is for some negative reason, when really she has been in the public eye since the day she was born. She is close to her nieces and nephews and seems to have been the only normal, loving influence in their lives for much of their lives. Like someone said about Nicky coming out of it all a lovely, normal woman, so did Kyle. My favorite housewife.

  11. Oh please, does anyone really care about these loser sisters, vyle backfat, splits, back stabber 2-faced idiot is always trying to be better than she is, she’s a horrible twit who lives a delusional dream of being a former (child star), ? What 2 movies with 9 lines makes you a star? Whatever….
    These 3 mentally ill sisters deserve each other and that’s not a compliment…….
    vyle is uber insecure hence the never ending mean-girl comments about her (friend) Lisa V., and anyone else who doesn’t kiss her arse or anyone who upstages the little twit drama queen…..

  12. Look at vyle’s friends—-hmmm, faye (now there’s a real winner)—vyle cannot keep friends long because she is too busy stabbing them in the back and foaming at the mouth with jealousy… She projects alot of her meaness onto them…

  13. I used to work in a high end antiques store in Manhattan. This was 2003 so pre RHoBH but Paris and Nicki were still big then. Anyway. Kathy came in dropping her own name and position for a larger discount. I knew who she was but I couldn’t budge on the price any more than I did. Only the owner was able to and he was away. She was very pouty and insulted and told me I was making a big mistake by not helping her out more. Well I had no regrets and never forgot her. She bought nothing.

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