Nicole Napolitano Can’t Believe Amber And Teresa Would Entertain Victoria Gotti’s Accusations


Nicole Napolitano is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the past two episodes of RHONJ. Nicole is shocked that Amber and Teresa Giudice would entertain Victoria Gotti’s accusations about Rino and dishes on Bobby’s relationship with Jim Marchese.

Nicole writes, “Well, I can’t believe next week is the first week of fall. It is one of my favorite seasons. All the mums and pumpkins are already out in Colts Neck. I probably could have waited another week to get into the fall spirit, but I’m just hoping and praying it lasts as long as possible. Looking at those winter scenes made me realize I better start stocking up on my DuraFlame logs. It was cute watching the snow shoveling scene with Bobby and Teresa. Yes, we really do drink iced coffee in the winter, and yes, as you can see Teresa can dress the part but really isn’t into shoveling or manual labor. Regarding the text messages, in the scheme of things it is actually ridiculous. Even though the WHOLE text message was NOT read out loud, there were more nonsense accusations regarding Bobby and of course me. So I absolutely was not able to advise Bobby to call Amber when she was making accusations that he is with me for the wrong reasons.

I’m not even going to bring up Amber crying, because the world bashed her enough!

Amber talking to Jim in her kitchen — I feel this whole thing with the invite to bowling got so blown out of proportion. Bobby truly never would want to hurt anyone. Yes, he absolutely told Rino the reason why Jim wasn’t going, but when Jim told Bobby he knew the whole world would eventually hear as well. I think what is more damaging about that conversation was Jim once again trying to ruin Bobby’s reputation with those ridiculous comments about his cheating antics.

I was extremely excited to go to Dina’s house that day to talk about Project Ladybug. It felt really good for the first time in a while to all be on the same page. I loved the enthusiasm of all the girls being excited to work together. My sister came up with the best theme, Candyland, since it was a fundraiser for children. Candyland was our favorite game as children, we played it constantly. Can’t wait for you to see how beautifully the event turned out.

Looking back at the day at Dina’s house, I should have been honest when Amber asked what we were talking about. I should have told her Bobby read the text to me and that Jim is the one who should be texting Bobby, not her, and the accusations she made in the text really hurt my feelings. The reason why I opted not to tell her is I just didn’t want another confrontation, and I truly wanted to move forward in our relationship. However after seeing the conversation between Teresa Giudice and Amber…how can can these two women talk about keeping a secret from us when they divulged the false, deceitful secret to the whole world?

I was truly excited about going away with the girls to Florida and having the guys meeting us down there! I was looking forward to having bonding time and really taking Teresa Giudice’s mind off of everything she’s been going through. I truly was an amazing friend to her and never ever asked ANY questions, just always let her know we were praying for her. And on top of that, we never allowed anyone to speak negatively about her or her family. I knew we were on the same page with how IMPORTANT family is to us. Although I only knew Teresa for a short time, I watched out for her and felt very protective, trying to make sure nothing would upset her. I felt we had a nice bond going, but after seeing this episode, I realized I was so sensitive to her feelings yet I don’t feel she reciprocated. First off, I don’t think anyone was surprised this was going to take place. This is not Mob Wives and this is not Jerry Springer. How could two women sit there and even say in an interview that this could actually happen!? You knew through our talks how strongly we feel about family. Teresa Giudice and Amber, I would never make anyone say anything disrespectful about your mothers! That’s where we differ, because I would never let anyone speak about one of your children or parents!”

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3 Replies to “Nicole Napolitano Can’t Believe Amber And Teresa Would Entertain Victoria Gotti’s Accusations”

  1. Did you forget you were on a reality show trying to get for ratings. .. You know, you get paid money for this drama. Don’t act all surprised that this came out about your mother and don’t act all high and mighty about what a great friend you “were” to teresa and she was not because the PRODUCERS made teresa speak about Rino sleeping with your mother… Again did you forget you accepted the job to be on a reality show? Or are you just not that bright..

    1. THANK YOU!!! Seriously,how long have the housewives been on tv? like 6 years, the twins definitely knew what they were signing up for. This is what happens, the skeletons come out. And I love how they are blaming Teresa when Victoria was the one who said it AND RINO was the one that told her!!! Why is everyone forgetting about the actual “rumor”?? I don’t care how bored or desperate some people are ,nobody make up shit like that, NOBODY. Its gross and disturbing on so many levels but lets not put all the blame on Amber and Teresa. And why is nobody blaming Saint Santa or Rino? They’re the ones who created this mess to begin with. Teressa get your head outta your culo. The only thing more embarrassing about this “lie” is the fact that you are still with Rino. Get a grip girl.

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