Nicholas Laurita Progressing! Plus- Will Jacqueline Share His Autism Story On RHONJ Season 5?

After Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired, Jacqueline Laurita announced that her youngest son, Nicholas, was diagnosed with autism. Jacqueline keeps all of her Twitter followers updated with Nick’s progress, and it seems like lately, he’s really been doing well! On December 3rd, Jac Tweeted, “Nick had enough therapy for today. He said lollipop, iPad, cookie, water, mommy, CJ, come on, go, no & some colors 2day.”

On December 4th, Jacqueline tweeted, “Today…Nick said,”CJ” twice!!! Before going to bed, he kissed CJ and said,”CJ” all on his own. Unprompted!! He also said,”tickle” 2him2play.” And on December 5th, she shared, “Nicholas waved and said,”bye” to me going into school today. So cute! :0) #Thingsmostpeopletakeforgranted.”

A lot of viewers have been wondering if Nicholas’ progress will be shown on Season 5 of RHONJ. Jacqueline explains to Parents Magazine, “Taking care of our child’s needs is obviously a huge priority in our lives, so we will be addressing it on the show. However, it’ll be addressed with the intentions of bringing awareness to autism. I’m not comfortable with making a spectacle out of my son.”

Jacqueline added, “I’m comfortable with opening up to the cameras because I know that nobody in this life has it easy all of the time and everyone has their good and bad days. I’m OK with not being perfect or having a perfect life. I like that people can relate to me. I learn from watching myself and others. I think and hope that people will learn from us too.”

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