New RHOBH Carlton Gebbia Says She’s “A Little Bit Of A Fighter!”

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton Gebbia is the newest addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the 90’s actress is telling her friends she is joining the show to empower women and intends to ditch the cat fights. TMZ reports, “Carlton, who guest starred on shows like “The Young and the Restless” and “Suddenly Susan” back in the day, is definitely joining the cast for season 4.”

When TMZ caught up with Carlton she revealed what bring IF she were on the show. Carlton says she would bring “honesty” and “loyalty” to RHOBH. Carlton also reveals, “I’m a little bit of a fighter.”

Sources tell TMZ that Carlton’s made it clear, she’s “sick of the silly s**t women do” on “Real Housewives” and wants to portray her sex as beautiful, strong and powerful, i.e., no table flipping…

Carlton’s hubby David Gebbia owns StockCross and she is reportedly worth $50 million!

Photo/Video Credit: TMZ


4 Replies to “New RHOBH Carlton Gebbia Says She’s “A Little Bit Of A Fighter!””

  1. Saw the TMZ video, it’s a pretty unflattering introduction to the fans lol. She looked tipsy and possibly stoned when they approached her. Her “no comment” might be seen as a dead giveaway but really, there were 8 other women who were rumored to be on season 4. This one seems to be the flavor of the week but we’ll see!

  2. Little bit of a fighter or a little bit of a meth use? Could this video have made her look anymore gaunt…

  3. Oh the one thing that her friends know and no one else, hmmmm! She looks as if she is doing some type of crack, or cocaine mixture! yuck!!

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