Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Past Struggles…

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s newest Housewife, Kenya Moore, may have been Miss USA, but growing up in Detroit was not a beautiful life for Kenya in her younger years. Kenya was rejected by her mother and raised by her grandmother, Doris Grant, which led her to struggle with anger issues for years.

People Magazine did an interview with Kenya in 1993, just months after she was crowned Miss USA. Kenya revealed she had no relationship with her mother, Patricia Moore. “I can honestly say I don’t love her,” Kenya said. “I don’t even know her.” Patricia got pregnant with Kenya when she was just 16 — never named her daughter and sent her to live with her paternal grandmother after she was born.

Kenya even tried to establish a relationship with her mother later in life, but had no success. “She would treat me like I was invisible,” Kenya explained. And by the time she had reached her teenage years, Kenya stopped trying to communicate with her mother altogether. “I decided never to let her hurt me again,” she revealed.

Although, Kenya was winning beauty pageants at the age of sixteen, she was also involved with a guy that her grandmother describes as, “cut out of the wrong cloth.”

In the People Magazine interview she also opened up about her reportedly abusive ex, claiming that she ended the relationship after he stabbed her with a nail file. No formal charges were filed, but Kenya has learned to be wiser in her choices of men. “If there is any sign of their being insecure, I won’t get involved,” she told the magazine.

We haven’t formally watched Kenya on RHOA yet, we’ve just seen her in the previews. I’m excited to watch more of her and see how she fits into the dynamic with the other ATL ladies.

Tell Us- Do you think Kenya will fit into the group?

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5 Replies to “Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Past Struggles…”

  1. I think Kenya has done very well for herself. I can understand why she would want to have a relationship with her mother. If her mother is not in a good place, Kenya should go on with her life and be happy no matter what.
    Kenya you belong in the group, you have class, brains and beauty.
    Good luck to you.

  2. She’s doing very well for her self to be hurt like that from her mother everyone wants there mother and for her mother to reject her, she’s doing very great for herself and I’m proud of her… I’m tired of people trying bring her down I just think she is misunderstood… Love u kenya

  3. I knnow what Kenya is going through.When i was five years old ,mu mother left me and went to England.It was my grand parent that took care of me,Kenya i love you stay sweet you are good person.

  4. Im very surprised that by her behavior. Someone needs to get a needle and thread and sew that lying mouth closed. She provokes, threatens, and gets in everyones face. I don’t think she has any morals at all and she should be fired

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