New Jersey Restaraunt Under Fire For Allowing RHONJ To Film


Wherever The Real Housewives of New Jersey go the drama seems to follow and that is certainly the case for a local restaurant who allowed the Bravo cameras to film Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo having dinner in their establishment. The Fresco Montclair posted photos of the Bravo stars filming on their Facebook page in order to bring publicity to their business, but a negative reaction from the public quickly prompted the site administrators to delete the post.

RealityTea was able to scoop of some of the comments before the post was deleted. One person wrote, “That makes me not want to go to the restaurant.” Another wrote, “Any advertising is good advertising … Fresco doesn’t have to agree with what RHONJ does.. They serve up great food and that’s great ‘celebs’ want to eat there, no matter who they are!” Lastly, someone commented, “I don’t know if this will be good advertisement Fresco…I would delete this.”


Photo Credit: Facebook


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