New Drug Claims On RHONY St. Barts Trip!

When Real Housewives of New York Star Aviva Drescher said the girls trip to St. Barts was all “Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘N Roll,” she immediately caught herself and clarified that she meant prescription drugs. But a new report has surfaced, Ramona Singer tells Wetpaint Entertainment that Carole Radziwill was stoned for most of the trip!

Carole did seem to stay out of the madness that the ladies created on the St. Barts trip, she didn’t take sides, and seemed to keep a low-profile. While the other ladies brought home random men and fought with each other. Ramona is claiming Carole was so mellow because she was stoned. Could this be what Aviva was talking about?

Ramona thought it was completely rude of Heather and Carole to call-out Sonja for her drinking, when they were smoking pot on the trip. Ramona says, “How judgmental is Carole? Discussing how ‘wasted’ Sonja was as she is throwing back shots herself? She and Heather were getting totally wasted drinking martinis and doing shots in a public restaurant. They were holding each other up when they left the bar. I find it ironic she got smashed on alcohol and yet makes comments about Sonja having drinks in the privacy of a home in a private villa.  Carole was too stoned in St Barth’s to know what was going on and because of this she was unable to be a good hostess and evaluate situations.”

Carole admits to smoking pot. So it looks to me like this is the reason she kept a low-profile on the trip and stayed out of the drama with the other ladies.

Photo Credit: Russ Irwin’s Video “Manhattan”



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  • Donna Anderson

    Who cares if she was smoking pot! Anybody dealing with that group would need to be medicated! Carol and Heather were awesome!

  • demitrius graves

    she’s an artist surrounded by psychopaths, i’d be worried if she wasn’t smoking pot

  • I agree with Donna & Demitrius! Those 2 were the only ‘sane’ people there!