New Details As to Why Ramona Singer Was Thrown Out Of Party By John Mahdessian


As we previously reported, RHONY star Ramona Singer was asked to leave a party hosted by Dorinda Medley‘s boyfriend John Mahdessian recently in NYC. Now, new details are emerging of what really happened that night.

“She was really demanding with the bartenders,” an eyewitness revealed. “She went to one end of the bar and said, ‘If you don’t have a vodka martini in my hand by the time I get to the end of the bar I will cause a fit and have you guys fired!’”

“Her date was stumbling, he fell over and knocked over one of the displays,” the source told RadarOnline. “He started screaming at the bartenders for not serving him, ‘Who do you think you are? I rule this town!’”

Singer also had words for the catering staff, as she “stuck her finger” in an employee’s face and used “nasty words” when the company refused to serve the couple, the source claimed.

“She came at the employees demanding drinks for this person who was obviously intoxicated and causing a scene,” a second eyewitness claimed. “She offended everyone. People were standing there with their mouths open because she was screaming and yelling at anybody that got in her path.”

Mahdessian quickly had enough and escorted Ramona and the mystery man out of the party. “When they went outside, it almost ooked like there were fists being thrown,” the insider said of Singer, who was defending her actions to RHONY co-stars Medley, de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan, 52. “Their hands were going. It was very aggressive.”

Singer didn’t officially leave the event until Mahdessian “went out and told her to get off his property,” the source said.

“She’s inauthentic to viewers,” the insider said. “You feel sorry for her on TV, but when you meet her in person she’s nasty to the core. She was nastier than I’ve ever seen her!”

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26 Replies to “New Details As to Why Ramona Singer Was Thrown Out Of Party By John Mahdessian”

  1. Whoa…I think that is the worst story I have ever read about a housewife. Even worse than the Brandi Glanville Tampon Incident. This may be one even Ramona can’t slither out of.

  2. I’m sure Dorinda’s greasy boyfriend groped Ramona while dragging her out the door! She MUST have been bad if even he thought so!

  3. This is Radar yet again, ATRH if you read this please can we have stories other than Radar of Lies!!! On saying that I wouldn’t be surprised IF it was true! It’s a shame she wasn’t let go completely for this coming season. Obnoxious woman!

    1. There was a good clip on reality tea I posted it a while ago when this story first was on. It wasn’t inside but outside. I would have paid to be a fly on the wall when it went on! To see the true Ramona ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I put a great deal of stock into evaluating the people in my life by how they treat people like waitstaff and bartenders. If a person treats someone they view as underneath them badly, they have no place in my life. I have cut one person out of my life completely because he treated a waitress in such an unacceptable way. Now who knows if this is true? It is Radar after all. But if it is true, then Ramona is truly a rotten person. You do not treat ANYONE like they are your personal servant.

    1. I had a good friend who remarried a very wealthy man, and I noticed she started treating people who she felt beneath her horrid. I asked her why are you being so rude. She said she’s a rich bitch now and she plans on acting like one, she said people have to kiss her ass and she loves it. That was seven years ago, haven’t spoke to her since.

      1. Proving once again money doesn’t buy character. I’ve known a few people in my life and I would rather have a plate of spaghetti in the homes of some with nothing than a dish of caviar in the homes of someone with “everything.”

      2. What a horrible person! I always think when people start to act like this when they have money, I knew a few, they have always been like it just not let it show. I always try to be kind to people! A quick story, I pulled into the supermarket car park yesterday there was a little old lady in the lane where I was driving. I sat in my car not close to wait for her to move. Her daughter shouted at her, “Mother move!!!”, she, the old lady, turned round and started shouting at me telling me to be patient!!! When I got into the shop she was trying to get something down from the top shelf, I started walking past but I couldn’t, so I lifted it down for her! She went bright red!!! Made my day!!

  5. Ummm, just want to say for the record….as to the “insider’s comment” You feel sorry for her on T.V…..No I don’t, I can’t stand her on TV. I have always found her to be arrogant, abrasive and not classy in the least. I have had moments of sympathy for her but I have never once liked or felt sorry for her on a whole. I have no problem believing she is a nasty woman through and through.

  6. Not sure who felt sorry for Ramona, I never have. She’s always seems like a demanding person – just not sure why she would think that. She’s on a reality show, not a star – even if she was it gives her no right to treat others that way,

  7. We’ve seen her be demanding and demeaning to many people she see’s as inferior to her too many times. She’s a sloppy drunk, a pig of a friend, a braggart, and ignorant. I wish she was gone from Bravo.

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