NEW Details On Teresa Giudice’s Fight With Joe Gorga! Joe Angry Teresa Didn’t Call Him When He Was In The Hospital!

Joe Gorga

As we previously reported, Joe Gorga confronted his sister Teresa Giudice at a jewelry launch party Kim D threw, while RHONJ Season 5 is being filmed. Now, RadarOnline has NEW details about what happened! Radar reports, ‘Apparently trouble started after Kim D’s assistant Maria Sancilio attempted to get Joe, who is married to Teresa’s long-time adversary, Melissa Gorga, to kiss and make-up with his sister.’

“That’s your only sister, make peace,” Maria told Joe, Fox News Correspondent Tom Murro exclusively tells RadarOnline. “Shut up and get the f**k out of here,” Joe yelled, before getting into a fight with Teresa. “Why didn’t you call me? I was in the hospital?” Joe screamed at his sister, who snapped back, “Why didn’t your wife tell me?” Radar reports, this set Joe off and he tore into Teresa for “always bringing my wife up!”

Meanwhile, Kim D explains why she is on Team Teresa. “I owe a lot of the success of my store, Posche, to Teresa, and of course Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo have also been very supportive,” Kim told Murro. “I think Teresa is a phenomenal friend and extremely supportive and very influential in getting me on the show.”

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2 Replies to “NEW Details On Teresa Giudice’s Fight With Joe Gorga! Joe Angry Teresa Didn’t Call Him When He Was In The Hospital!”

  1. Who cares what this trashy, ugly, sell her soul for fame witch says. She proved her true loyalty at the last NJ reunion when she DIDN’T have Tre’s back on the big lie of a stupid set-up. Bravo is such a loser using this alledged druggie instead of bringing interest to true life stories of Laurita Fraud and MeGo’s trashy, real life. Bravo will miss the mark on “ratings gold history.” dumbass AndyCohen.

  2. I want to see the Reality, such as the Laurita’s embezzlement of Signature, Caroline’s move to Hoboken (why?), what about the Manzo boys resturant, Melissa & Joey’s real mess of a life…………………why the scripted BS when the reality is so much more interesting. Bravo Andy is a loser & missing the off the chain ratings that RHONJ would “truly” be if he’d let the reality roll.

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