New Details Inside RHONJ Season 7


It was recently announced that after a year of being away from the TV screen the Real Housewives of New Jersey will be filming their seventh season. There has been a lot of talk of who is returning, what is being filmed, when and so on- and now Radar Online has revealed some inside scoop on what is to come for the new season.

As it was confirmed by an exclusive source from us a while ago, the site reports that Teresa Giudice will return despite her serving her prison sentence, the star will be out right before Christmas. A source claimed, “They are getting her to come back.”

But not so fast! The site’s source claims that there are still some contract issues going on over Giudice’s salary.

“Teresa got paid $750,000 last season and she is only getting between $750-850,000 for the new season,” the source says. “She wanted a million but they won’t give it to her.”

Although she will make a return, the source is claiming that Teresa is refusing to film with her cousin Kathy, as the two have been known to have their differences on the show.

Teresa absolutely refuses to film with Kathy,” the source says. “She hates Kathy. After Kathy called her father a coward and her mother a liar, she never forgave her for that.”

From recent seasons, Teresa has been fighting with everyone on the show and the insider is sharing that Bravo wants to cast new ladies who will have Teresa’s back.

“They are trying to cast someone still to be Teresa’s friend on the show,” the source says. “She has no allies so she needs someone to lean on.”

Former BFFs Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita had been fighting for the past few seasons, but the source revealed, “Teresa had her lawyer bury the hatchet with Jacqueline.”

“Jacqueline agreed to make up for this new season and play nice,” the source says. According to the source, Laurita is still waiting on her own offer from Bravo and “feels this will help her get the contract.”

The source shared that Melissa Gorga has already filmed for the new season though the whole cast won’t start until late November.

Photo Credit: Bravo


22 Replies to “New Details Inside RHONJ Season 7”

    1. I have never seen a comment from anyone who liked her, but maybe now I will be proven wrong. I won’t believe it until I see it.

      1. Melissa or Jac?
        I don’t mind either, can’t say I like really really like them, but I’d rather see them on the show than replace them with new people

      1. Sure why not, she may have sharpened her stripper pole skills by now. lol. Remember that episode with Danielle?:) Worse would be Kim D. I thank God we haven’t had to watch anymore contrived drama from another POSCHE fashion show:)!!!

  1. I can’t stand it when anyone turns on a friend. If a friend has been doing stuff for years that you don’t like, don’t wait ’till someone else is mad at them to jump on the band wagon. Caro did that, and I refuse to watch anything with her in it. Kathy is just annoying, and Jaq isn’t a friend to anyone.

    1. Totally agree with you, Caro is nasty, I can’t stand Kathy, Rich and Jac like you I don’t like women ganging up on another woman. I would never watch her show.

  2. Kathy is despicable. I won’t watch anything she’s involved in. Melissa is neck & neck with Kathy. Jac is crazy so I’m forced to give her a pass. But I can’t stand her. The whole show sucks. When your own family goes on a show to ruin you it’s beyond entertainment. Kathy & her shitface sister can’t hide from karma. Ugh they’re all gross. GROSS.

    All my opinion. Sorry I can not STAND Teresa’s cousins. Even worse than Rinna. So that’s saying a lot.

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