New Details Emerge From RHONJ Brawl As Chris & Jacqueline Laurita File Cross-Complaints Against Johnny Karagiorgis!


The photo above was taken Thursday afternoon as Chris & Jacqueline Laurita left The Ridgewood Police Department. Accompanied by their lawyer, The Lauritas have filed cross-complaints of assault and threats against Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis for the massive brawl they were involved in at Kim D’s opening of POSCHE 2. The Lauritas reportedly spent 45 minutes inside police headquarters, speaking with detectives.

NorthJersey reports “after 2:48 p.m., the Lauritas with their lawyer, Mark McGuire, emerged from Ridgewood’s Village Hall, entered a black Mercedes Benz with tinted windows and drove off. McGuire offered a ‘No comment’ before getting into the vehicle, and later, did not return calls.”

After the fight took place, Karagiorgis filed a criminal complaint with police accusing the three RHONJ cast members of simple assault and making terroristic threats. But the RHONJ stars quickly fought back with their own criminal complaints, according to police, who will not provide details on the counter-complaints.

It has been reported that Karagiorgis allegedly made negative remarks about the Lauritas’ young son, who has autism. “This is the type of notoriety I don’t want,” Johnny said. “I never spoke negatively about any child.”

Detective Chris McDowell said Thursday that no charges have been filed. A probable cause hearing will be scheduled in Ridgewood Municipal Court to determine if there is enough evidence to warrant any arrests.

Now, is reporting new details from the fight. John Karagiorgis is accusing Joe Gorga and Chris & Jacqueline Laurita of attacking him. “I was ambushed and attacked,” Karagiorgis said by phone Thursday, adding he still has “a mark on my forehead from a stiletto heel.”

Karagiorgis said the incident was serious, leaving him with a broken nose, bruises, lumps and head trauma. According to the complaint, “the victim stated he was punched in the left eye and in the nose by Mr. Guiseppe Gorga.”

Gorga yelled, “I’ll [expletive] kill you,” as Karagiorgis was repeatedly punched in the head, the complaint stated. Gorga, then allegedly walked around the camera crew. That’s when the complaint alleges Christopher Laurita “punched the victim on the left side of the head with a closed fist.” Laurita threatened to kill Karagiorgis, the complaint alleged. “Mr. Gorga then emerged from behind the victim and again punched him with a closed fist,” the complaint continues. “This time, he struck him in the back of the head.”

Next, the complaint states, “Ms. Jacqueline Laurita then struck the victim in the forehead with the heel of a stiletto type shoe. Eventually, security for the television show was able to separate all parties involved without any further incidents.” The police report states Karagiorgis “had obvious injuries to his head,” including lumps and abrasions.

Johnny thinks he was set up by Bravo. Karagiorgis’ lawyer, Nicholas Sekas, says his client was set up by the show’s producers, and invited to Saturday’s event ‘to make peace.’ “He was assaulted and humiliated and they filmed it,” Sekas said, adding at one point, his client was being “held” for his attackers by security guards. “This was something that was done for a reality show gone awry,” Sekas added. “We will cooperate with the authorities because we want justice to be served. My client doesn’t want these people to get away with it.” Sekas added the fight was “a reality show gone wild. It was done for a ratings grab.”

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7 Replies to “New Details Emerge From RHONJ Brawl As Chris & Jacqueline Laurita File Cross-Complaints Against Johnny Karagiorgis!”

  1. Look Johnny wouldn’t of pressed charges unless it was true. There were witnesses and active filming. It’s a slam dunk! I heard the judge threw out the counter suit.

  2. so terrible honestly but at the end of the day both sides handled it VERY POORLY. i swear RHONJ is like jersey,shore meets mobwives meets the real housewives im loving every second of it but i wish they would handle themselves a bit better

  3. Jacqueline & Chris wouldn’t get in a “fight” unless it was worth it. Speaking of a KID with disabilities seems extremely believable AND justified.

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