UPDATED Details About RHONJ Season 5: Contracts, Cast, & Cameras!

Despite rumors of a cast shake-up a rep for Bravo does confirm that, “Everybody’s coming back. All the girls were optioned for Season 5, probably within the last week.” However, despite the tough season Teresa Giudice has had, Bravo is shopping for a friend for her to film with. One of the names being thrown around is T’s sister-in-law Sheila Giudice, Pete Giudice’s wife. We saw Pete on the season finale, at the Posche Fashion Show.

What I think is interesting is how is the show’s dynamic going to change when the ladies won’t film with Teresa? I guess we will find out… If they are starting to negotiate contracts, we should be hearing very soon if all the ladies will accept their contracts, and return to the show for another season.


Tell Us- What would you like to see happen in Season 5?

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21 Replies to “UPDATED Details About RHONJ Season 5: Contracts, Cast, & Cameras!”

  1. Oh no, another sister in law…lol. I love Teresa but I think she should move on, she’s made enough money already. What else can Terea give us, I think we’ve seen in all….

  2. OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! sheilas sooooooo nice and her kids are so cute… tre deserves someone whose gonna bring out the fabulous side we all know she has!! xoxo

  3. Done with this show; as long as they are all back I am done with these stale has beens and their husbands
    ONly interested in T but will not be participating in this show any longer; DOn’t even contribute to their blogs nor read anyones but T. Nice if they get her a fried but if they rest of them are in I am out

  4. How can they possibly do another season of the other ladies not speaking with Teresa? It didn’t work with Danielle and it won’t work with Teresa. If Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita are coming back, I won’t be. I can’t take another second of that betch Lauren Manzo on my television never mind her witch mother!

    I would only tolerate Teresa and Kathy, I am over Meho for sure.

  5. Looks likes Melissa, Caroline, Kathy and Jacqueline will have to argue with each other. I don’t see Bravo keeping things like this for very long. Where will they find the drama that viewers are so accustomed to seeing?

  6. Bring back anyone but the sociopath Teresa! Of all the women on all the HW shows she is truly one who is in the most need of mental health treatment. There is something seriously wrong with her. The fact that she stays with her cheating husband makes her even more disgusting. It will be interesting to see what is going on with her 10 years from now. Karma never fails.

  7. IM PRETTY SURE one of the NJ new housewives is a woman from kinnelon named geya cause my friends aunt is neighbors with her… shes apparently loaded with 2 younger kids

  8. Keep Tre she is the show: crazy , dumb and shocking. Get Rid od Caroline and the rest of the Manzos. Joe and Melissa are sick. Bring back Dina and some new friends. Kathy and her husband turn my stomach, what does he do for a job? Oh yeah Tre divorce joe on the show, that would be fun to watch him get his ball cut off.

  9. I only want to see Teresa back. The others are not about family they are about themselves and to hell with anyone else who stands in their way. If Kathy, Richie, and the Manzo’s return I will no longer watch. While I think Jac turned into a fink this season she may find her soul again without Caroline around. I would like to see Joe’s side of the family as well.

  10. Can’t stand Teresa, and as I said in my other comment section, if she comes back, I’m not watching next season, period. Her husband is a homophobe and she’s the biggest liar I’ve ever seen.

  11. Sorry to hear they are all coming back. I guess i will continue to fast foward when the Manzo’s are on. Ter needs some friends on the show. She is taking too much from those bullies and needs someone on her side.

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