New Details About Brandi Glanville’s Book Becoming A Movie!

Brandi Glanville

We previously reported Brandi Glanville revealed her book, ‘Drinking And Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders,’ was in talks to be made into a movie, and now RadarOnline has exclusive details about the movie! “A lot of people thought Brandi was sort of joking in her tweet about the movie, but she wasn’t! She’s already had several meetings about making her book into a movie,” a source tells Radar. “She’s really excited about this. The biggest compliment an author can get is having their book made into a movie.”

The source reveals Brandi wouldn’t play the role of herself, but she already has an actress in mind! “Brandi wouldn’t want to actually be in the movie or play herself,” the source reveals. “In fact, she already has someone picked out to play her part. She really thinks actress Leslie Bibb would be the perfect fit.”

Leslie Bibb

Guess who’s not happy about the possibility of the real-life cheating scandal becoming a movie? LeAnn Rimes. “Turning this book into a movie is enough to send LeAnn over the edge,” the source said. “Not only does LeAnn not want the book’s details splashed on a movie screen, but Brandi’s success is really what’s driving her nuts. She’s absolutely green with envy.”

Who would YOU want to play LeAnn in the movie? 

Photo Credit: WENN, Getty