New Cast Members For RHONJ Season 5?

Now that The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion show is filmed and Season 4 is a wrap, Bravo producers are figuring out which ladies might be leaving, who will be invited back, and if they will add any new cast members to the show.

“They are looking all the time for new cast members for all the franchises,” an insider tells The Huffington Post. “But, nothing gets serious until after the reunion show has been taped and the season comes to an end. Now they are deciding what to do with next season, with the biggest problem being Teresa Giudice.”

Several cast members have confirmed they have no contact with Teresa since filming Season 4 until they filmed the reunion in Atlantic City.

“No one wants to tape with Teresa anymore,” two cast members reveal. “She has done so many things to each member of the cast that at this point it is everyone versus Teresa. I know they are looking at several friends of hers to join the show so she has someone to film with. At the moment, no one has been invited back, but we are all pretty sure Teresa will have two new friends.”

Would you like to see new ladies on RHONJ?

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5 Replies to “New Cast Members For RHONJ Season 5?”

  1. If you’ve pissed everyone off, maybe it’s time to look at yourself in the mirror and realize the problem is YOU NOT EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!

  2. The elderly Caro must go with her motley crew on misfits. She needs to go live her life in her apt with 25 year old daughter and make her go to college and graduate, her sons should too. None are employed. My uncle had the same issue ADD and went on to graduate from law school. There are so many that do it. (I bet they all have it) It’s not a disability. So, get them educated.
    Jac has major problems with federal courts, a possible drinking or RX problem. It’s also said that Nick has mild form of Autism, so Jac needs to concentrate her time with him, not getting heaps of plastic surgery (being broke as they are). I feel for poor Nick he is such a cutie. I’ve noticed they all have recently been posting pictures of themselves with poor Nick. My cousin adopted two children with different forms of Autism. One is high functioning while the other is a little less. My cousin has a teaching degree so she stays at home and educates them. Their older sibling help out a lot, dad is a fire chief so he is called away for day. Nick will be fine if she is willing to help. I also feel strongly that she should not be a voice of Autism.
    Elderly Kat is the wort of the worst cousin alive, she went on with bad intentions for her cousin. She and her family are dull and idiots for speaking out against her for face time. Just go back to doing hair and Rich, pay your I don’t know if it’s to late and already went to court, just you bills off, you make you fellow Palestinians look bad.
    Mel & Joe OMG sending a tape of yourselves like gagsta say how you two will bring Teresa down. She and her bro were super tight. He hooks up with a gold digger/lapdancer. They have an open relationship and do it…Cat R wink wink ; ) Never had she wanted to sing until she seen the other housewives do it. She is really trying … lol. Go onto “the gong show” and see how far you get w/o getting gonged . Get moved into your apt get one next door for your parents too. Joey stop dancing with every semi nude dude you see. Counting Andy. All I can say is go after your dream of being a county fair singer. We know you are going after the gay crews like Kim Z did. Joe you are a big pussy, you jump into dumb ass shit about your sis that did so much for you. Wait till Mel leave you for a circus for an elephant trainer.
    Teresa needs to get her good friends and family (not backstabers) and a few new faces that really has some cash and that are not going to court…let it be fun and see where it goes. But def the show will be shit w/o Teresa, who cares if the extras don’t want to film with her…. Think about it, her own bro and cousin shit talkers. Then her best friend Jac gets pulled in by crazy old hag. Dina and Jamie would be great and a gay couple too. Don’t let the suck ass’s back on. I tell you with those changes it will chill things down, to where ppl will tune in. You owe her because of the fake dumb ass producers. xoxoxo

  3. I would like to see a new cast. it would be great w/out bully Caroline and Jacquline. Jac has turned out to be worse than the Manzo. Which i never would have thgt possible.

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