NeNe Thinks Kenya Has Studied The Show Since The First Season!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes takes to her Bravo Blog this week to address new Housewife, Kenya Moore. She talks about Kenya’s behavior at The Bailey Agency, and even says she thinks Kenya has studied the show since Season 1, because of comments she said in her interview. Read what NeNe had to say below!

NeNe writes, “Kenya Moore enters as the newest Housewife! Let’s welcome her aboard. For those of you that have watched the show since Season 1, you probably caught this. Didn’t it look like Kenya studied all the past seasons then sat in her interview and said something we all had said at some point? Now that seemed very contrived! Kenya saying she would kick a bitch’s ass at over 40 years old, really?!

Kenya visiting The Bailey Agency: I wish I could say something nice, but she was completely rude. And to say you are a public figure so you need “security”? We need to hear that resume again, because I didn’t hear anything that said, “public figure”!”

Tell Us- Do you agree with NeNe?

Photo Credit: Bravo