NeNe Is Sick Of Her RHOA Cast Mates Being Tardy For The Party


NeNe Leakes is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain why she is so tired of her cast mates showing up late to events she plans for them. Calling Phaedra Parks the “Mortician of Manners,” NeNe explains why she feels like being late is disrespectful and how she hates it when people have lame excuses for not showing up on time.

NeNe writes, “I love having girlfriends, and I like putting together girls’ days even more, so I tried once again to do something nice for these ladies. I woke up early, planned a fruit and champagne toast alone, with my husband handing each lady a rose before our departure. The excessive tardiness is something I will no longer tolerate! I’m not sure if it’s me that they choose to do this to, but it’s ending today. Being excessively tardy on a continuous basis is just blatantly rude, shows a lack of respect, and a don’t care attitude. Don’t you just hate when people are late and have excuses like I have a baby? Well hello, that’s even more of a reason why you should plan accordingly! I have children as well who are just as important. Isn’t Phaedra the mortician of manners? Mmmhmmm!

And people with excuses like we stopped and got something to eat when you’re looking like you’re ready to bust… Two and three hours late is just crazy and to walk in like it’s OK is even more crazy! Isn’t it just good manners to call if you are running late to an invitation only event? Some things will never change, which is why you have to change. Sometimes people need a good dose of their own medicine. Count on me to give it to them! Wink wink!”

Photo Credit: Bravo