NeNe Says Kenya Kicking Porsha Out Of The Party Was Ridiculous!


Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran NeNe Leakes is sharing her opinions on the Season Finale where Kenya Moore attempted to kick Porsha Stewart out of her party for not coming dressed as the proper “character.” NeNe says the situation was ridiculous and asks Kenya if she’s watched all the previous Seasons of RHOA, because it reminded her of Season 1 where Sheree left NeNe’s name off the guest list!

NeNe writes, “As far as Kenya throwing Porsha out of the party, one word — ridiculous! It felt like I was watching Season 1 of our show when Sheree wouldn’t let me in her party! Kenya, did you watch all of our previous seasons?

Let’s talk about Kenya’s Hollywood Party. So Miss Kenya asked all of the ladies to come as iconic Hollywood actors. It was strange to me in the beginning to be told what character I needed to come as, and just like Porsha, I had a feeling that she was throwing shade when she chose the characters. I consider myself to be a pretty smart girl, so I said to myself, Grace Jones is fierce and fabulous! If there is any shade being thrown by giving me this character, I’m going to flip this and completely transform into Grace Jones! I researched her and became her that night, which is what a real actress would do.

I’ve been in lots of situations over the years, and I must say, I’ve learned from each and every one. So during Kenya’s moment of flipping out, I wanted to drop some knowledge on her about her behavior that night, because I know she values my opinion, and the party ended peacefully.”

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4 Replies to “NeNe Says Kenya Kicking Porsha Out Of The Party Was Ridiculous!”

  1. Sounds about right; Nene, you are getting cooler, sweeter and classier all the time! It’s great to see and it inspires a lot of people hopefully! Keep growing. No more Meany Nene (unless necessarily, obvi). Kenya was being mischievous and acted like a child having Portia thrown out; she actually said “nobody ruins MY party”, how childish. Portia is more mature, and more of a lady usually. I don’t see Kenya changing, but at times she actually seems sincere, kind and even attractively vulnerabile. It’s a real jolt to see, so rare. Whether Kenya is or isn’t bipolar, or whatever mental illness she does or doesn’t suffer from, there is no reason to be embarrassed or try to hide it. Walter referred to medication while Kenya was having her babyfit on the bed with a pillow over her face, about her hotel room being “subpar”. Walter: “Kenya, did you take your medication?” He was serious. Admit it or see about a diagnosis if everyone is telling you the same thing. Everyone ISN’T collectively wrong when agreeing on things like this, most of the time. Don’t need to be a doctor to see is off; and it IS hereditary. Her mother was mentally ill and denied her; and Kenya is offended to be told she may have a mental problem and denying it. But, when Kenya described her mother, she didn’t seem to be judging her mother’s illness despite how painful it was for her. God I’m tired of talking about Kenya. Someone else be a jackass, quick! (Not you NeNe)

  2. This from one who refused her late guests from even entering her LA home. Come on NeNe! Love you girl (& can’t say that I would not have done same in your stance), but isn’t this sort of like “pot meet kettle?!”

  3. Porsha is so disrespectful. Why did she even show up? She KNEW it would cause a fight. I hope the bitch doesn’t come back next season.

  4. I’ll be damned if I’m going to a friend’s costume party if she doesn’t request, but DEMANDS people wear the outfits of her choosing; and Portia new it was a diss. If it was THAT important to Kenya, she should have filled the girls in on her stupid show. There is nothing wrong with honoring iconic black women in film, of course, but it looked stupid and Kenya is nuts.

    I think this is a completely different situation than when the girls arriving three hours late for an expensive catered dinner in their honor. I would do what NeNe did only no plate of cheese for you!

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