NeNe Leaks Calls Kenya Moore’s New Relationship “Fake”


Claims of fake relationships seem to continue for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore-as seen before on her first season, the Georgia peach was accused of paying her now ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson money to appear on the show during her first season. Not only was she accused of that but also being set up on the Millionaire Matchmaker with a married man. Now as Kenya’s new and non-confirmed relationship with Eugene Casciaro is making headlines, the reality star is getting shade thrown at her by original cast member NeNe Leakes.

We had to do some scrolling as we found a Tweet from the beginning of the month from Leakes quoting,

“You Never Win When You Play Dirty and You Can NEVER fool the VIEWERS #girlbye

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) August 6, 2015

“Nite Nite tweetie pies! Headed home 2 MY MAN! MY LOVE! Not 1 I’m payin 2 date me on a show b/c the producers told me i had too #catchtea

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) August 6, 2015

As social media is our close friend, we did see photos posted on Casciaro’s personal Facebook page of the pair at a baseball game together. He also did confirm that he will be appearing on the show as the cast just filmed Kenya’s haircare launch party.




What do you guys think of NeNe’s accusations? Is this relationship real? Comment below!

Photo Credit: Bravo/Straight From The A


18 Replies to “NeNe Leaks Calls Kenya Moore’s New Relationship “Fake””

  1. Yeah, shut up Nene and go home to old man Gregg and do the funky chicken or whatever. It’s nunya business anymore, why you so worried about it? Don’t blame Kenya because you have lousy edges and she has great hair. You need to pay up that 20k to the Detroit Public School System too while you’re out there pretending your relevant. Atlanta was your meal ticket and now you even blew that thinking you’re something more than you are. Did those tight ass cheap wigs cut off all the blood supply to your brain and you forgot where you came from, stripper girl? Begone!

  2. Somebody please send NeNe a letter telling her that she is no longer involved with RHOA, so she should mind her own business… her jealousy is showing.

  3. I’m not a Nene fan, but she has the right to say whatever she wants, including the truth about Keeney. The guy looks like he is on something more than just the steroids. And I really hope no one becomes a baby daddy to her.

  4. Nene is the STAR and Queen of HWOA!
    She is real and speaks the truth!

    Crazy Kenya will always be a sad copy and delusional —-

    Team Nene all the way! ! !

  5. Who cares what NeNe thinks? I suggest that she focus on that sorry son of hers. In fact, Greg needs to teach that oaf how to be a real man and father.

  6. NENE, you better start hustling to pay for that house you bought. I haven’t heard you got anything going on for you except for some game show with five episodes. Don’t hear Broaway, Hollywood or even Atlanta calling for you! Nobody wants to hear what you have to say about a “working” Kenya or any other “working” woman. Maybe Greg and your loser son can come up with some scam to keep you in bad wigs! Shut up. You irrelevant!

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