NeNe Leakes at War With Sheree Whitfield’s Imprisoned Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams

Uh-oh! Sheree Whitfield’s boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams is making threats to NeNe Leakes from prison.

“NeNe don’t wanna go down that road.” Tyrone told Sheree during a recorded phone call on RHOA. “I’m surprised that she’s even mentioning my name… cause that’s not good for her.”

In case you missed it, the drama started when Leakes called Sheree’s boo a “con-artist.” Sheree clapped back, “Really, NeNe? You and Gregg both have mugshots.”

NeNe continued the feud when she appeared on WWHL and outed Gilliams. “A mugshot does not equal 10 years in prison for doing a Ponzi scheme,” NeNe said. “I ain’t spent a day in jail doing nothing, honey, OK? So you got 10 years in prison, you sure won’t walk around here being nice to no damn body. You got 10 years with the feds, honey. That’s a whole other situation.”

As we reported, Tyrone is serving time because he was allegedly caught stealing no less than $5 million from a couple of different victims.

NeNe reacted to the threats, saying, “The feds are a phone call away.”

Here’s the mid-season trailer for RHOA:

Oh- and it was revealed on the after show that NeNe once dated Tyrone… watch what NeNe had to say here.

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  1. Wow, nobody commenting? It’s been a full day! I haven’t watched this franchise for yearrrrrrs, so I guess I understand. No Atlanta fans on here?? They suck to be honest.

        1. OK, lol!! You have ONE comment to your name, so you have no street cred. How do you know that we’re not African American?? Loser.

            1. You’re up to 3 comments now. Keep it up!!! Way to go!! Do you have a fever, because I’ve found it makes males grumpy. Tylenol is on sale at Walgreens today – not sure about tomorrow. You might wanna check. Get well soon, babe.

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        1. Congrats. You have your very own troll. Just don’t feed him after midnight, don’t get him wet. I do, however, give you permission to shine a bright light on him.

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