Do NeNe Leakes And Teresa Giudice Deserve Stars On Hollywood Walk Of Fame?


Kim Kardashian started controversy when she was refused a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame because her claim to fame is reality TV, and now Wendy Williams is siding with Kim, adding that she believes Real Housewives NeNe Leakes and Teresa Giudice are also worthy of stars. “A spokesperson for the organization says that Kim does not qualify because she’s a reality star, and she hasn’t been nominated for a Grammy, an Emmy, or an Oscar,” Wendy explained.

“Reality stars are bigger than regular TV stars these days,” Wendy says. “Like it or not, these reality stars are stars.” Pointing out that someone like Melissa McCarthy is not known internationally, whereas Kim Kardashian is.

“And by the way, I would say that NeNe would be next on the Walk of Fame for a star, right?” Wendy says. “And I would give a star to Teresa in Jersey, you know, as long as she stays out of jail and commits to doing another season so we could watch her.”

I think this is an interesting debate. Hollywood fame and television have both changed drastically with the introduction of reality TV. Do YOU think reality stars should be granted stars on the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame?

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24 Replies to “Do NeNe Leakes And Teresa Giudice Deserve Stars On Hollywood Walk Of Fame?”

    1. Hell no. For what? For making jack asses of themselves ..if they even dare think about giving them a star on the blvd. OMG… that would take the dignity and the whole meaning of having a star away from the real stars of Hollywood ..these people who choose to be morons for money are not stars. Far from it. These reality.nuts can’t hold a candle to the professional stars, who work hard to achieve their status. You cannot put them together. It would be an insult ..

  1. No way. The Hollywood Walk of Fame should only include actors. By their name, reality stars are not actors, they are just ordinary people who are followed around by cameras. If they want to say they are “acting” then they shouldn’t be on “reality” shows.

    1. R u serious ..give these people a star on the Hollywood walk of fame? Unless u want to call it Hollywood walk of shame …..

  2. I came here to write “Oh, HELL no!” and find that smart minds think alike! Neither Nene nor Teresa are even good examples of humankind, let alone “stars”.

  3. I love Teresa and Nene but they do NOT deserve to be on the walk of fame, that’s reserved for talent. Maybe someday they’ll make a reality walk of fame and they can be some of the first to get stars lol

  4. No NeNe or Theresa should not be on the walk of fame this is for real stars not just someone on a realty show,, but NONE of the Kardashans should be on it ether. Please these are NOT REAL stars

  5. Have they lost their minds? I am hard pressed to think of 2 lesser talents than “NeNeLeakes” ( it is all 1 word now ) or Teresa. There is no talent. And this honor has to be purchased, not awarded or voted upon. If, God forbid, it comes to pass, just check Andy’s bank book as he is the only one who deems them worthy. Gee, Andy, is that why ratings are lower than low?

  6. Great topic for debate, but HELL NO is my opinion. The walk of fame is prestigious and I think if you allow people like Kim kardashian or reality stars on there it takes away the meaning for all of the people that actually have talent and deserve their names there. Love reality TV but this is too much

  7. Hell no, I cannot believe the same comment came from many people. I just read the headline and Hell no was the first comment that came to me.

  8. I am speechless that these people think they are stars. I don’t think that they understand that while there are some people who want to be fans of theirs most people are watching them like they watch the Kardashians. You kind of can’t turn away like a train wreck. But I pray they don’t think they are role models, inspiring or going to be remembered after 5 years from now. (except maybe on Oprah’s where are they now). Honestly not one of these franchises has a person that I would want to be like or hang out with. Do you?

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