NeNe Leakes Speaks About RHOA Fight, Blames Editing And Kenya Moore


Apparently NeNe Leakes isn’t happy with Bravo, or the way they edited the fight at her pillow talk party, because the Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted her Bravo Blog on Twitter. Many fans on social media believed NeNe instigated the fight, and the Bravo star is not taking any responsibility for what went down. NeNe is blaming editing for the way she came across in the episode, and says she believes Kenya started the drama.

NeNe writes, “I created this game called “Pillow Talk” it all started from Gregg & I basically discussing our day once we got in bed at nite! Obviously this party is for adults only with adult topics and content. I was the hostess with the mostess! The guest were invited along with a dress code and everyone knew what they were walking into. My intentions were to build couple unity within the group but as you can see, things got turnt all the way up! You ask why? Everybody in the room were asked questions that were touchy because that was the bases of the game! We all answered including me and Gregg. We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress “what you thought you saw” there are always intentions for these parties or group gatherings which is totally out of my control! Let’s get to the good stuff: Kenya arrived 3 hours late to the party! I was really aggravated because we can’t really end the scene until all housewives have arrived! Keeping it real is what I do! Some might call it messy but see it as you may! Christopher had a question in his hand that he wanted to answer standing up for reasons unbeknownst to me! I walked pass Christopher and took my seat! He then begin to speak to Kenya about the false accusations kenya had told his wife. Chris wife Natalie started saying “don’t back paddle now” Kenya got up & charged out of her seat towards Natalie (but you couldn’t see that part) (I wonder why?) Chris stepped in to stop her but not in an aggressive way. Kenya then got all extra saying take your hands off on me! Her girlfriend in the red pajamas jumped up in Chris face and that’s when the explosion started. I don’t condone violence! I can’t control adults and it’s not my fault if adults decide to fight on their own! In my opinion Kenya was the spark that lite the fire. Whenever she’s around, we have the worst times! I’ve been on this show from the very beginning and we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show! I’am all about a good read, throwing shade & even getting you together when need be but violence is never ok to me. I think it’s a sad display of behavior and I think it is sad to the black community to be apart of such negative activity! I’am bigger, i’am better and for that I apologize! Here’s a few questions I would like to ask you: why do you think they let Kenya narrate the whole fight scene? Why do you think they took the part out when Kenya was charging across the room? All the housewives would say we were having a good time! Why do you think they showed it as if we were not?”

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11 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Speaks About RHOA Fight, Blames Editing And Kenya Moore”

  1. It’s simple. If you do not act like a wild animal, you won’t have to blame “editing.” That’s the most BS excuse out there.

    1. I think NENE LEAKS is full of it. I mean really. I have been watching the show since the very first season. She is a liar. She judges others, yet there are many times she does the same thing. She is not adult enough to take responsibility for her actions. For example, she says there was never any violence on the show, and she infers that she never has gotten physical with anyone. Well I recall Sheree pulling Kim’s hair. Isn’t that a form of assault? Also, remember the Kim’s accusation that NeNe choked her? Do you remember how rude, disrespectful and aggressive NeNe was on Kim’s tour bus in Florida? NeNe charged her. So, really Nene? Also, we should remember that NeNe creates the drama. The FIGHT WAS NOT KENYA’S FAULT. The show clearly reflects Christopher Williams putting his hand on Kenya Moore. No man should ever pull a woman. Bottom line. Now, on the other hand, I can honestly say that I think Williams was trying to defend his wife, thinking that Kenya might hurt his wife. But, there was a better way. CHRISTOPER SHOULD HAVE SAT DOWN AND NOT CHARGED KENYA. Sure, Williams were already standing, but he walked towards KENYA. So, NENE why is it ok for Christoper to charge kenya and Kenya not too. Really? The reality of this is that it was NENE’S event; NENE created the questions; NENE stirred the pot and NENE provoked this outcome. If you stir the pot NeNe don’t be afraid if grease splashing on you. You are so about the drama. Eventually, people will get time of you and move on to someone else. Then your professional reality acting career will be over. Yes, THAT’S A READ.

  2. Is this the same NeNe who had to be stopped not once, but twice, from physically attacking her then friend Kim Zolciak? Once during the season on the bus to Florida and then again at the reunion? Forgive my cynicism about her lame recap of the evening but it’s terribly self-serving. NeNe is the self-proclaimed star of the show and thereby free to dictate who should and should not be on it. She obviously wants Kenya off the show. Why does that happen in each of the franchises? Kyle Richards in BH, Jill Zarin in NY, Vicki Gunvalson in OC, etc.

    By the way, “blame the editing”. That’s what they all say when they come off badly.

  3. she is a crazy ass B—-ch.. Nene knows she started the whole fight… with her prancing around like a peacock in heat… she is ignorant if she thinks Kenya started this mess.. Kenya was trying to be nice and calm nene down but Nene was screaming and threatening and carrying on as she usually does, slamming the door in Kenyas face and coxing Christ to approach Kenya, and I agree with Kenya no man should ever grab any women like he did. Nene has a mean streak about her.

  4. First of all, Nene said on the show Kenya was 1 hour late, not 3. Second what Kenya said about Christopher was proven to be true. Third, you are clearly the most violent memeber of this cast and we’ve seen this on more than one occasion and finally fourth, you know you started this whole mess Nene, and now you’re trying to pin it on Atlanta’s resident scapegoat, Kenya.

  5. Nene Leakes is so whack! She is trying to hard this season to keep that salary they’ve promised. Kenya is actually the only cast member, other than Cynthia, that has been real about everything going on. And each time they “come for Kenya” she pulls out plenty of artillery to back it up. Any man that can’t speak his truth without touching a woman is lying about something…hmm hmm Apollo Nida (taped conversations and text messages about his unspeakable dealings)…Christopher Williams (footage shows him dissing his marital status online) and I’m sure other bones in the closet will soon fall out when additional material is needed to keep viewers interested. Nene might be the only original cast member, but original and genuine she is not!! Boop

  6. “NEVER had a physical altercation before” (on the show). What about when Kim had her hair pulled outside of the restaurant?

  7. Nene is so full of B.S. but that is why i watch the show. Nene started everything and i have lost respect for her due to her poorly executed spin about the fight. She would have been better off blaming Porsha. If she was worried about how the black community is portrayed, she wouldnt be on this type of reality show. Using the race card shows her desperation to excape the blame. I cant believe that people actualy believe the fight was started by Kenya whether you like her or not. Please stop saying that you keep it real Nene. You should hire a better acting coach.

  8. She does not need the money she can leave the show. What turned me on Nene was the second wedding asking for gifts why not ask for donations for a charity. Second wedding to the same man you do not need gifts! Reality stars like Kim K and Nene are greedy as well as being so narcissistic they cannot see past their nose.

    As far as being late all you ladies need some manners and could also do with table manners learn how to use a knife and fork. A knife is not aways for ones back!

  9. Nene is quite the manipulator and can be very dominating! She has proving it time and time again. She can be extremely self centered and very arrogant! I blame bravo and Nene Leakes. She probably was told eto invite all the couples. And from the previous episode almost all the women including natalie brought gossip to the trip ( all but kandi and phadera)

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