NeNe Leakes SLAMS Jill Zarin For Recording Interview!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes is slamming former Housewife Jill Zarin for secretly recording her interview with Andy Cohen! Jill claims her friend did it for her “protection,” so she wouldn’t be manipulated by Bravo’s editing. And NeNe is angry and coming to Andy’s defense!

When Andy tweeted, “Beware former Housewives with tape recorders!!” NeNe immediately came to Andy’s defense and slammed Jill for recording the pre-taped interview. “WOW! SHADY & just Wrong,” NeNe replied.

But that wasn’t all NeNe had to say! “Bitterness can keep u down! There comes a time when u have 2 walk away with ur head held high,” NeNe wrote, and later added, “Don’t be BITTER! Be BETTER!”

Tell Us- Do you agree with NeNe?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • donnalee

    Think that NeNe would have a different story if Bravo would have used some SHADY editing when it came to her. Sorry but I am with Jill on this one..Bravo has proven over and over again that their editors are favoritism editors and they pick and choose what they put out there according to who they like or not. Don’t know why Andy would be so upset, if that’s not how they are at Bravo then what’s he crying about??? Yeh that’s what I thought!!! He is mad because Jill and some many others are right. Bravo editing cannot be trusted so one has to do what they have to do to protect their reputations. If Andy or Bravo or NBC does not like it, how about getting a CLUE and get rid of their SHADY editors. BLOOP!!!

  • Tutti

    I totaly agree Donnalee they are shady.

  • Hello

    But if Jill feels that Bravo is shady why does she accepts the interview with them!! to me it was REALLY ridiculous the way this grown woman behaved during the show and now after the show. You can’t be soo desperate for a 1. something million viewers reality tv show, is not like it is #rhonj #rhobh or #rhoa… to me it was very embarrassing to see this woman behave so thirsty and so desperate in television!!!

  • Jan Terlikowski

    Jill is an embarrassment to herself every time she opens her mouth! She sounds like a spoiled brat. I cringe every time I hear that shes made another statement! I mean really?? Get over it Jill , people were just sick of you and for that matter , still are!!