NeNe Leakes Season 10 Salary Revealed

After months of negotiating, NeNe Leakes is finally going to return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. RadarOnline is reporting that the cost to bring Nene wasn’t very cheap.

“The network gave her the most lucrative deal in network history,” a production insider said.

Nene is set to make $2 million for season 10 as a part-time Housewife.

“Along with a lucrative seven-figure salary, NeNe has a most favored nations clause which allows her to have preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling filming events around her personal and business schedule,” the source added. “She also is able to keep her side gigs like hosting Fashion Police on E! and include her HSN Clothing Line and her SWAGG Boutique on the show as promotion.”

“Filming started this week and NeNe is expected to be a center storyline,” the insider continued. “The theme for this season is ‘back to basics’ and the focus is representing real women with real relationships and friendships. The network reiterated to NeNe that the viewers are vested in her personal life and career, and that her participation would mutually increase viewership and serve as platform for her expanding brand.”

Are you shocked by NeNe’s salary?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Rain

    If she’s going to come for Porscha and rip her a new one , then I’m all on. Other than that , don’t really care much for NeNe

    • Jack

      I really need Nene to bring something new to this dried out, tired old series. I NEED Nene to (lord, please forgive me) drag Porsha to hell and back. I want Porsha to get put in her place, apologize, move on, and be the housewife I know she has in her!!!! TBH i just want a whole new cast plus Nene and Sheree. Kandi needs her own show where she is surrounded by positivity and power (although I don’t like her, it’s what she deserves). Porsha can keep it going with her journaling career, and Kenya can just… Be Kenya. While we are at it, bring back Claudia cause I want Nene to be read for filth again. Seriously, why can’t I just be a Bravo exec???

      Anyway, how’s the world for Rain?!

      • Rain

        Jack, why can’t you be a Bravo exec ??LOL 🙂
        I adored Claudia and thought she was a fantastic addition and I agree that they should bring her back.
        Porscha deserves a spanking and NeNe may be the one to give it to her.
        As you know , I hold on to my proposal that no HW should stay for more than 4 years . They are ALL boring after 4 years . Coming back as a FOH is fine but not as a full time HW

        I’m actually quite tried of the bravo ‘formula ‘ for conflict and negativity. Between the casting of all these new idiotic and obnoxious HW, we may as well cast Kellyanne Conway.

        Nothing about the OC trailer makes me want to watch , as much as I love Shannon and Lydia .. ah well 🙂
        How’s your summer ? You and your hubs planning a trip somewhere? ❤️❤️❤️

        • justanothermary

          I just won’t watch the OC as long as Vicki is on it and Vicki isn’t going anywhere. I still can’t believe that they keep her after what she pulled. Phaedra went after Kandi, who is strong, rich as able to take of herself, yet Phaedra got canned (which I love by the way). Vicki went after defenseless cancer victims and their families at what has to be one of the lowest times in their lives. SMH

          • Rain

            ITA with you Mary, Bravo is disgusting for allowing Vicki to continue to be on the show. Then add gutter trash Kelly and that show is dead to me . I’d rather watch Love and Hiphop than watch these 2 hyenas

        • Jack

          Summer is going okay. Looking for a more permanent job and it’s proving to be very competitive and very tough. And yes!! We are planning our annual trip to the north shore (Lake Superior) and hoping we can make it work with finances and such.

          I am nervous for OC. I have a feeling I’m gonna be watching it through my fingers more than anything!! Hopefully not everyone here has given up on it or I’m gonna have to turn to Reddit or something Hopefully your summer is going well!!

          • Rain

            The North shore sounds lovely, I’ve never been ❤️ I hope you guys go and have some fun. Good luck with your search too , I didn’t realize that you were not permanent . I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you . I know California has a shortage of teachers, hint hint 🙂

            My summer is going ok, my boys are home from college so that’s fun. They both have girlfriends and sometimes I wish these girls would home for a change LOL. I like both those girls , don’t get me wrong, but I don’t need to see them everyday !
            Don’t abandon the site , Jack. I know many people here will watch and maybe reading your posts and comments may make me and others want to watch 🙂
            Have a great weekend sweetie ❤️

            • Jack

              Aww yeah nothing beats good alone time with your kids. Are they new girlfriends? I remember that early phase where the world revolved around the new S.O. I’m sure my mom felt the same thing. Thankfully I’ve come to appreciate alone time with both my parents! I’m sure the girls’ parents are missing them too!!! I’ll stay around here and see what’s going on and make my voice heard ✊

  • One Rotten Egg

    Not shocked. Bravo is so desperate to keep the ATL alive, after the fiasco called Faketra, they are willing to pay the big bucks and NeNe ain’t no idiot. too much $$ I say, but hey, go for it NeNe. (she isn’t worth it, though).

  • starr

    I Love Nene, my all time fav. Wish she was back full time.

  • Yobitch

    But she is back full time.. she confirmed it herself