NeNe Leakes Says RHOA Cast Tried To Take Her Down This Season


Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is discussing the season finale in her blog. Leakes says the cast of this season couldn’t have been worse. She claims her cast mates continued to try and take her down but that they couldn’t knock her out. Read what else NeNe had to say below.

NeNe writes, “I can’t believe I am saying this but season 7 has come to an end! WHOOT WHOOT! They tried to knock me down but couldn’t knock me out!! I took it all the way there this season trying on new wigs & stepping into new business ventures. Nonetheless I gave you something to talk about and the girls something to hate on. My name was called so much this season I literally thought about a legal name change LOL!

I was proud to open this season in Vegas on Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity making history! Then I launched The Nene Leakes Clothing Collection with HSN that sold out and continues to sell and make impressive numbers today. Then closing out this season in a proud dream come true way in Cinderella on Broadway! As the Wicked Step Mother, I stood before a sold out audience almost every night and I was the highest grossing Madame receiving rave reviews! In my business space everything was great but working with this cast couldn’t have been worst!

I ain’t always right but I sho ain’t always wrong either! I was always being attacked, at work, on social media, in the press, the weekly’s and every Monday morning on one particular syndicated morning radio show. It was as if they dedicated their Monday mornings to me with a revolving negative guest! I was being called everything! A bad friend, evil, disgusting, Cancer, a bad wig, bad skin, bipolar, noodles , a slave owner and so much more but yet I was the mean one. It took all of them, our executive producer and a B character that never was and never will be a housewife to try an bring me down, because they could never do it one on one. The constant blaming, lying, pointing fingers and twisting the stories in hopes that the fans would side with them. They wanted it to be the end of Nene! They wanted me to break!

Honestly I’ve never experienced having friends who wanted my life and certainly not friends to the point of betrayal! I’ve never really worked with women who were so desperate to take your shine in order for them to shine! Working with women who came in with an agenda. Their only accomplishment is taking someone down. Women who claimed to be happy for each other when they accomplish things but they were never happy for me! The tear down was so real and non-stop. Talk about being bullied! If I didn’t have a strong support system I would have cracked under the pressure.
The fact that I apologized for my role or any wrong doing just so we could move on yet it was never accepted, proved they didn’t want to let it go because it was all they had to talk about. Other girls could apologize and things would go back to normal. When everything else failed, they brought up a meaningless petty argument from 5 years ago to try and make it relevant today! When I tell you the bitter hate & jealousy some of these girls have for me is so real, I am blown away. Every time they open up their country wide twisted mouth, they spoke nothing but envy. It may appear to you that they have things but trust me I can walk in the room and literally suck the life out of them!

I knew they wanted me gone so I wanted to find a way for you the fans to see and understand the attacks I was under which is why I started asking you to blog for me. Every time they kicked me, I kicked down a door of opportunity because I knew how much they hated me to shine. The problem is, they didn’t know my strength and everything I’ve been through in life. My faith has never left me so in my prayers I asked for peace and understanding. The best way for me to find it was for me to be quiet, center myself and I knew you would see it for what it was!

Everything I have today is because I worked my ass off for it! I earned it! I will NOT break so quench yo thirst because I AM STILL STANDING STRONG! THE ALWAYS FABULOUS NENE LEAKES!
PS: My heart is made of gold so I forgive but I will never forget… Giving thanks to my outstanding team that pushed, pulled and damn near carried me to the finish line– Steven Grossman, Susan Madore, Dana Sims, Darrell Miller and my handsome black lovable hunni Gregg Leakes!”

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16 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Says RHOA Cast Tried To Take Her Down This Season”

  1. Congratulations to you Nene!! Well done, well said. Love you and your fabulous family. I believe Claw-dia is the most thirsty for your life, the only storyline she has is you.

  2. Nene please don’t give in. Kenya is the beast – if you quit RHOA she wins and that will make me throw up in my mouth. You have a large ego but you are funny. Loved the way you walked away from Claudia at Phaedra’s event. That was classy.

  3. Nene, all your cast mates are 100% jealous of you & all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve & have been desperately trying to copy cat you. They’re so not worth having your friendship. And yes, you do have a heart of gold. Love Nene.

  4. Ne NE you’ve come a looooooong way, I am so proud of you. We know dreams don’t come easy, but you have endured, Be yourself always, Great Job…

  5. NE NE you have come a long way, I am so proud of you, We know that dreams don’t come easy, but you have endured. I like that you are true to yourself, never change this, Good work.

  6. I love you NeNe but this is a little over the top. You are the main reason I watch the show. Now I do believe Claudia and Kenya need you as a story line – and believe it or not I thought Cynthia would stay Cynthia but I don’t know WHAT’S the deal with her. I don’t know if they “HATE” you but the do “be hatin’. Continued success and love.

  7. It’s easy to have that point of view when you flee every scene in nearly every episode when your name comes up. Although I don’t mind, the show is more enjoyable to watch when it’s the group without her – everyone has a better time, and they aren’t pulled into different social camps that NeNe likes to enforce. So with that, flee Nene, keep fleeing. It’s better without you and you look like a fool!

  8. Grrr, this woman aggravates me at times but I like her!! I’m very proud of Nene! Keep up the great work Nene, never mind the haters!

  9. Sigh… NeNe does have some valid points. She has had some incredible successes this season. She’s really done well for herself. It’s also true that a couple of the gals seem to be gunning for her on RHOA. But she leaves out or minimizes her part in the season which is mainly her out of control ego and her side-eye way of handling nearly everyone. She threw a fair amount if shade herself and expected no backlash. And there is the underlying issue that she feels that she is to BIG now of RHOA and its beneath her and she barely cancels that during her filming and acts like she’s doing everyone a favor merely showing up. It’s time for her to go, the fun, happy and free wheeling NeNe is long gone.

    1. @ Karen–I was about to type the EGGact thing you just posted!

      It’s now gonna take an IRS audit now to bring her down, or her offers to dry up–that wil bring nene back to RHATL. (likedher in the beginning, but she did get to cocky–especially last and this season).

  10. I like Nene! They’re all going to get cocky once they reach the top, they’re from the streets and have made something of themselves. I notice it but I don’t mind it at all. When you make something out of nothing I can’t hate! Can’t expect her to be perfect! We started watching and loving her because of her ego in the first place.

  11. Team NeNe all the way! Continue to soar while the vultures gravel for crumbs. You are the reason RHOA remains number one and BRAVO understands that! Love your clothing line, your acting work, everything. God Bless you.

  12. She is a yo-yo..back& fourth with her friends one season too another…she can’t keep the same friends cause she always fu#k’s it up & stabs them in the back…she is definitely the one who can certainly dish it out but she can never take it, that’s y she always gets up & leaves, like a little child who doesn’t get her way…so she’s made it on Broadway, so she’s been on glee, who cares, her 15 mins well be up soon, she’s too nasty of a person, she brags to much like a spoiled brat about her success to the other women, like (look at me, ur nothing & I’m on Broadway, how much money do u have, I have more in the bank then you’ll ever have) I mean who acts like that?? A spoiled little fool!! looks to me like all those women are just as successful and loaded as she is, I don’t get’s gonna come back & bite her right in her coincided ASS, then nene will start to fall out the scene…it’s time 4 nene to exit the show, and u know y she won’t? Cause she knows she might get a acting gig here or there, but the housewives is the biggest SHES ever gonna get…she knows it…

  13. If Nene leaves I will totally quit watching. I cannot stand the thought that Kenya will think she is the star of the show. That is what she has called herself since day one and it turns my stomach. You think Nene’s ego is big (and it is) but Ms Kenya has an even bigger one. I never heard of her until she showed up here and then was so narcistic that I thought her head would explode. Nope not a Kenya fan at all.

    1. I have yo agree with you there Aunt Bee- a Kenya unchecked – NO WAY- I’d be out too! And honestly I mostly just read recaps this season- the fighting and going after each other seemed do set up and boring.

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