NeNe Leakes Reveals Feud With Cynthia Bailey, Dishes On RHOA Reunion And Says Kenya Moore Is Good For The Show


After Sunday night’s finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes sat down with Andy Cohen in the WWHL clubhouse to dish on All Things Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe talks about the controversial reunion taping, a shocking rift between her and her former BFF Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore and who she wants to see leave the show.

Speaking about the reunion taping, “There was just a lot going on,” NeNe said. “I know there’s a lot of rumors out there like there’s a lot of violence… it wasn’t like that. It was just a lot of conversations and stuff to work through.”

“There was an incident involving Porsha and Kenya,” Andy reveals. “In your mind what happened?”

“It ain’t even been in my mind. I was there. So it’s in my eyes,” NeNe says. “I saw everything, ok? Let me think about how to say this without you thinking I’m picking sides. I think that sometimes people try people… over and over and over again. And you can’t keep trying and pushing it. I felt like Kenya kept trying Porsha. You can’t sit here all night, Andy, and have your paper in my face. That’s just not cool to me. I feel that is like a violation and I felt like Kenya violated her over and over and over again.”

NeNe continues, “Now, I’m not condoning violence. I’m just simply saying you can’t violate and not expect anything. She got up and she confronted Kenya and Porsha’s reaction was Porsha’s reaction, not necessarily my reaction.”

Revealing that she has spoken to Porsha since the taping, NeNe says, “I know she [Porsha] felt bad. I know she wished she could have handled it in a different way.”

Next, Andy asks NeNe about her relationship or friendship status with her longtime BFF, Cynthia Bailey. NeNe and Cynthia had friction during filming the season, and NeNe is spilling the beans. “Even if I did sign the friendship contract, contracts are made to be broken,” NeNe says. “And I feel like in a friendship… I’m still human. I get to make mistakes. You get to make mistakes… we’re not always going to agree.”

“I feel like people would like to think that Cynthia is innocent,” NeNe reveals. “And she’s not… and we discussed it at the reunion show so viewers will see and hear more about that but I feel like I’ve been a great friend to Cynthia.”

As far as #bitchgate between her and Peter Thomas. NeNe says, “I didn’t call him a bitch. I said ‘you’re acting like a bitch’ and I went to him in that moment and apologized. So after that we all went to dinner and apologized. This is my problem with it. Since then when the show comes out and everybody starts judging and giving their opinions you start feeling some kind of way and it brings back old feelings.”

“So that episode aired and she stopped calling me, I stopped calling her,” NeNe reveals. “And when she got to the reunion show she started acting like she was an innocent little victim.”

In a surprising statement Andy asks NeNe who she think should be fired from the show, and when asked if it was Keyoncè, Leakes replied, “No! Absolutely not. Honestly, you can ask anybody that knows me. I personally do not like Kenya, but I am all for the good of the show. I have been here since day 1 and I think she is good for the show.”

When asked why, NeNe says, “Because she’s drama. She doesn’t take her medication before shooting and so I think she is great for the show. If I was the creator of the show, I would have a ding dong like Kenya on the show. I think she’s great. She brings great drama, I think she’s delusional, I think her medication is much needed.”

Throwing some major shade at Cynthia, NeNe asked Andy if he thinks the show should have crazy and then some balance mixed in. When he said he thinks there is balance, NeNe tells him, “I think the balance should be gone and new balance brought in.”

“I have been on this show for a very long time and I feel like, I don’t think it’s fair when one person gets to tell all this stuff, their story, their children, their husband, their life and then somebody else is over here holding back or pretending to have a life that they don’t have,” NeNe says. “I feel like people that do the show and talk about the same thing over and over and over and over again, it’s like, ‘Girl, goodbye!'”

When Andy says it’s sounded like NeNe was referring to Cynthia, she dishes, “Listen, now that you’ve brought her name up, I think everybody knows Cynthia is okay. It’s not like she’s really bringing anything to the show. I mean to be honest, she talks about The Bailey Agency and Bar One.”

“I think Cynthia’s a good friend, but she just blows wherever the wind blows,” NeNe concludes. “When you have a friend and they do something you don’t like, I don’t think you align yourself with the enemy. I think you stick with your friend.”

“We’re just not cool anymore,” NeNe says. “That’s just what it is.”

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17 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Reveals Feud With Cynthia Bailey, Dishes On RHOA Reunion And Says Kenya Moore Is Good For The Show”

  1. Nene’s head has gotten too big. Cynthia is one of the few redeeming features of the show. Nene and her “I’ve left millions on the table” lies and obnoxious arrogance are less interesting than Cynthia’s preferable behavior. Nene started the crap with Peter in the parking lot, she just never sees herself as wrong.

  2. Shocked to hear about NeNe and Cynthia. I’m not sure i understand what Cynthia did? I predict she will get Cyn fired because her storyline is stale.

    1. In Nene’s eyes Cynthia aligned herself with the enemy “Peter”. Nene is a narcissistic fool.if she thinks Cythia is going to stand by her instead of her own husband she is a complete idiot. Nene gets pissed when she has an argument and her friends will not see the person she is arguing with as an enemy. She never was sorry for calling Petet a “B” and from that momemt forward Nene has seen Cythia aligning herself with her husband and Nene hates that. Marlo became friends with Kenya (who Nene got in an argument with) and Marlo became an instant enemy. I honestly think she is on drugs and if she isn’t on drugs she has a mental problem that seriously needs to be addressed. I do not see Nene amounting to anything other that D list roles or reality TV. She needs to take any role her manager throughs her direction. And for petesake at least read what he gives her.

      1. I think the enemy is Gregg’s jumpoff the Cynthia hired as her publicist to help her rebuild The Bailey Agency representation.

  3. Nene is a hasbeens for d list celebrity…she is now a f list celebrity. Cash in on all your “millions” now nene.

    She needs to be knocked down rot “friend”, and should not call the shots. Bravo, haven’t you learned your lesson with all the dough you paid Teresa Guidice, only to be burned by the disappointed filming she produced?

  4. Nene STILL won’t admit to any wrongdoing in Pillow talk.
    Is it possible her ego has created this non-permeable self-concept? Andy asked, “how much longer do you plan on being a housewife?” Nene appeared flustered. ..(only slightly and in nanoseconds). I think she thought she could act her way out of this wet paper bag she can’t seem to BS her way out of…no raise for her. Or worse!
    Any way…it seemed like negotiations were on. She is toast. Orrrrrrrr takes the job for pennies. Any takers out there?

  5. Oh my God! I couldn’t believe how Nene openly shared her real thoughts about her relationship with Cynthia! I always felt as if Cynthia friendship was sincere. Wow! Looks like Marlow was right about Nene! She is very controlling and TERRITORIAL! Nene doesn’t need friends. All she needs is Greg and her kids! Clearly Ashe does not like to share her personal space as she States it anyway!

    1. I use to like Nene but now her attitude and disposition towards dealing with people is disgusting! I use to like her for telling it like it is but she is OVER THE TOP angry and CYNICAL EGOTISTICAL AND PARANOID ! Its really not good for her health to be on level 200 all the time!

  6. Well, it’s true that Peter acts like a bitch bc he is always sticking his nose in the womens business! Nene was fed up with Peter and the fact that Cynthia is a palm tree just made it worst! I like Cynthia but it’s time time for a NEW face! Bye-bye Cynthia!

    1. You made two posts, why? Seems like you are in minority, don’t try and make your voice sound louder than it actually is.

      Nene is a has been and anyone standing beside her and reasoning her wrong doing is in serious need of some meds.

    2. Why get rid of Cynthia? She is the only one that acts decent on the show! Get rid of Porsha, She don’t do anything on there but whine, Acts dumb as a rock, or Kenya, she just starts trouble all the time.

      1. Yes please keep Cynthia and I think Porsha deserves another year. She earned by letting the witch have it. Time somebody did.

  7. Porscha and Cynthia still has a story to tell, so they should still be on the show. Nene has NOTHING to add. She’s just an arrogant, big-mouth, self centered blowhard who has become irritating and boring to watch (not in the entertaining way either). Kenya starts mess all the time – but she is ENTERTAINING (for the record I cant stand her either – but I do see why he is still on the show).

    Nene USED TO BE likeable – loud, dumb, ignorant – but in a likeable way. We THOUGHT she was the show’s peacemaker (read – MAMMY) but her hoe heart came back after getting a few dollars. She hasn’t been right since the time she left Greg for NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER, and has become the booger-bear she is now. The reason shows like Glee wanted her was because of her down to earth attitude – WHICH SHE HAS LOST. now here is a grown ass woman, 50 years old acting like a school yard kid with the biggest ice cream cone. She isn’t cute (the eye batting and the fake laugh are nauseating – the cosmetic surgery has done NOTHING; she just looks like a bouger bear with cosmetic surgery). There is nothing interesting or appealing to see anymore – she should be let go or her salary cut dramatically soshe gets the message that she isn’t the “queen of the show” either.

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