NeNe Leakes Returns to RHOA


Veteran cast member NeNe Leakes returned to the Real Housewives of Atlanta this week and she sat down with Cynthia Bailey, who confronted Leakes about why she was blocked on her social media.

“YAAASS, bitches! I am back!” NeNe said, as she rang Cynthia’s doorbell to meet up with her old friend. “The Queen is back!”

“Speaking of social media, I need you to unblock me missy,” Bailey says as NeNe responds, “Do I have you blocked?”

“I just wanted to get back to being the fabulous NeNe Leakes, so in order to do that, you have to hit the block button, but I’ve opened up those doors to Cynthia, so I think it’s okay now,” NeNe says.

Both Cynthia and NeNe admitted that the fallout of their friendship effected them deeply, but that it was strong enough to survive the “drama.”

Although Nene isn’t happy to hear Cynthia say Kenya is her “girl,” Leakes is confident that Cynthia and Kenya could never be as close as the two of them.

Watch the clip below.

What did you think of NeNe and Cynthia’s scene? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


117 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Returns to RHOA”

    1. It’s a pity most have not seen the episode. Tonight’s episode was poignant in many aspects when they stayed away from fluff storylines. I cried my eyes out at the Million Man March scene; it was a very timely topic for the struggles the US is seeing today with so many innocent, unarmed children being killed on our streets.

  1. I stopped watching the show but still threw up in my mouth s little. This outfit, hair, make up is just very unflattering . Plus why is she bothered if Cynthia is besties with Kenya or Donald trump !! Was Cynthia just supposed to be pining away for Nene , waiting for her to honor her with her friendship again ?? Nene is back because she NEEDS the money , not to rescue the show or any of that bsloney !

    1. OMG Rain, What does she look like??? I don’t like commenting on people’s looks but it’s her lack of style!!! Like you the hair and the clothes and those big plastic mounds at the front??? What does she look like. I don’t think I will ever watch again!!

  2. Oh boy. Nene. lol Hmmm….. Um. No thankyou. And I stopped watching this housewives franchise because of Kenya honestly, but Nene definitely was soured for me a few years ago. She used to crack me up in the beginning, too bad she grew her ego instead of her spirit. I see we have another “Jane”, hello, welcome!

  3. Didn’t work, disregard. I’m trying to learn how to use emoticon symbols on here to distinguish one Jane from another. Does anyone know how to do this? Sally? If you see this dear lady, how did you insert a heart icon on your posts.? Thankyou x

        1. Hey! I can’t do a heart on mine, so I don’t know how, but maybe just put a letter for last name? Smiley on here is : no space then ), no commas or other letters within a space either side.

          1. Thanks 3D , I downloaded a list of them and tried but they don’t seem to work. Hang on I’ll see if I can paste them for you maybe they’ll work for you ?

      1. 3D can you let me have the list of smileys when my iPad was checked I lost all of my notes and that’s where they were 😀 😀

        1. I only know off hand the regular : ) no space between and the 8 – ) no space for sunglasses. Those are my go to ones, once in a great while I will google one, but my memory, well….. I should really print it out!!

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  4. I know what I wanted to ask? Did anyone see the newest housewives I think it’s Potomac? I didn’t I was curious if it was interesting. I watched or rather recorded Downton Abby and The Kardashians while viewing the debates. I was also doing Pinterest while eating and petting my dog, not too distracted am I

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    1. How do I know this is the real you without the heart? You really are a Gemini, aren’t you? It probably is you. You have a probably making up your mind…I would love to see you with a menu in your hand at a restaurant. Do you have a problem selecting something. Just wondered. 😉

      1. Funny you mentioned that I have just had lunch with my SIL in Edinburgh and change my mind three times! How well you guessed!!

  6. Nene has put on quite a bit of weight. She used to be able to get away with keeping the focus on the fact that she has long legs, but her entry into Cynthia’s house from the back..whoa..she looks like she’s been stress eating.

    1. I just flicked over last night and an old season was on, Lisa’s last season and Nene looked so much better her hair was short and light brown, she was much slimmer then these photos of her here are awful!!!

    2. I noticed that on this little video that plays whether I click on it or not. Startled the shit out of me the first time that happened. And if I leave the tab open for some reason, it plays over and over! Very annoying. Anyway, I haven’t watched this week’s show.

  7. My random thoughts:
    Nene and Greg are so shiny unnatural look hair and blinding teeth (both of them), unflattering makeup….
    Phaedra and her name dropping and pretensions. If and when she is exposed as a criminal mastermind….. She gripes about how hard single parenthood is yet she supposedly has time for her many jobz/endeavors.
    I kept holding my breath hoping Porsha wouldn’t embarrass herself.
    Kim Fields is beyond ridiculous. Did she see the show before she joined? I will henceforth call her Mrs Butterworth.
    Cynthia and Nene seems to care for each other.

  8. I like Kim fields, but I am totally baffled why she is on this show. All she seems to do is leave everything she goes to. I’m really beginning to think she never saw 1 episode on any HW’s show.

    1. I don’t watch any more either. I did watch Downton Abbey. I loved loved loved the episode too! I will not watch Potomac after seeing the tag lines they are using. It is not a show for me. Fine, since I don’t need any more of these shows to watch. I wish they would bring back Below Deck…I thought we were to get a Mediteranean one with new crew, but old chef…but I have not seen that starting…unless I missed it. Sorry to veer off topic. 😮

      1. I LOVE Downton Abbey as well and given the choice between that and Potomac, it would be a no brainier so I’ve not watched Potomac either. I also love Below Deck and they never did show the new one with Chef Ben.

        1. There will never be another Downton Abbey. I am enjoying every episode.
          I always thought Chef Ben was entertaining, and I saw previews of the show…but no new show yet. Oh well. It will be nice to watch the scenery as well. It is always great to see the ports and blue water too. 😉

      2. I remember an ET where the host said “The British have Downton Abbey and we have Jersey Shore, what does that say about us?” I love that I can get Downton on my computer on PBS, for free with no hassle.

          1. And I watch them all, sweet Sally! We love British TV here in my house, smiles. There are few American shows with the holding power of Downton. I just watched “Downton Manners” on PBS, explaining all of the importance of manners and clothing for the aristocrats and the commoners. Also, it showed that the Lord and Lady were much more than just who you doffed your hat toward. They ran the Estate for the benefit and welfare of everyone. And in those times when commercialism became worldwide, they had to really take chances to make sure everyone survived. A capitalist attitude wouldn’t fly, because selling off pieces of land, even to a tenant, just wasn’t done. It wasn’t even legal. I appreciated being taught that.

            1. Yes, I wish we did. I also enjoyed Mr. Selfridge…last season is coming up too though Downton is the best. I love the attention to detail of the period with the fashions of the time, decorum, furnishings, travel, etc. It opens up a world I never knew about so well and in such detail, it is almost like living it.

              1. I liked the early ones but like a lot of these they drag them on a series too far for me! I watched the early news twice but have given up on the latest!

      3. Just wait for the Real Housewives of Downton Abbey…with the Countess having an affair with Carson, Denker hitting the sheets with Spratt, and Mr Barrow hooking up with Dr Clarkson..not to mention Lady Edith coming out as a rabid, bra-burning lesbian

        1. Oh no!! I had a laugh about Denker with Spratt though! 😮 i am still wondering if that might happen…or Maybe Spratt and Barrow! There really were no housewives in that place. Maybe the Real House Life at Downton Abbey?

    1. Hi Real Sandy It’s me the Real Jane. I’m responsible for all the tom foolery from last night testing out emoticons. Do u think I should use the handle like yours “real Jane” ? Or was there already a Jane here before me cause I can change my name no problem

        1. I am not sure which Jane you are. There was a Jane who commented in the summer. I have not seen a Jane comment too often, so you can change to Jane 1, Real Jane or whatever if there are more Janes. 😉

      1. That is why I added Real. I was Sandy and another Sandy came, then Sandra and another Sandra came…so then Real Sandra..back to Sandy..keeping it Real. You can be Same Jane…Jane for Real…Real Jane…or whatever, and hopefully no one will copy you. 😉

  9. Love Nene, glad she’s back, even if not full time. Was so touched by save our sons. As for Kim, definitely a fish out of water & never comfortable when not in her own environment. I knew Porsha would hold her own, but still held my breadth there for a moment.

  10. Oh, okay. I knew about the decision making, since I am also that way…hard to decide with too many options. 😉 I will look more carefully at the smiley with rosy cheeks.

  11. Hey, is Kim Fields ever going to have a blog she wrote. And why, why, why does she have that RIDICULOUS HAIR DO. She looked good in hr interview, but really? And, what the hell is she dong on housewives? She belongs on Growing Pains or whatever it was.

      1. Keenya was saying Kim is …something. I mean her hair is awful, but to judge someone so quick shows she hasn’t learned anything from the Mother situation. Certainly not to be kind.

  12. I thought it was great to have Nene back. I’m not certain that they need to drop Vanderpump for a while, give her a break and bring her back.
    Though I do think we could have gone the season without Nene.

    But she was no where near as bad as she was last season, she had a better energy and she had a fun banter with Cynthia. Definitely came across a bit fake but there was a little something there, I enjoyed Cynthia saying she didn’t even remember why they fell out, and Nene was like “I do”, that was the fun Nene that was missing the last while.

  13. Like Sheree’ pointed out in such a timely fashion, yes Kim, it is an event for ADULTS. A very IMPORTANT event with important, busy dignitaries who put you all on their schedules, on this, one of the most important days of the entire year. History is lost on a two year old baby. And a child of two will have no negative effects from having a nanny on a bus ride FGSakes. Have some respect that this isn’t a free concert at Golden Gate park in the 60’s!

  14. I guess I understood how Kim felt. She had a 20 month old in a meltdown and an older child who was not understanding or enjoying the activities and she was just overwhelmed. Now…granted…she seems to be frequently overwhelmed, but having been in situations myself where my kids were not behaving as well as I expected them to…and with no help or support, I kind of felt sorry for her. I also don’t think the agenda was made clear to her before she agreed to come. That said…I was very impressed with Sheree’s son, Kairo, ….and I think he was the right age to better absorb the meaning and the importance of the event.

    1. I think Phaedra’s boys are cute as Christmas and well behaved but I also thought it was ridiculous for her to drag them along. They are too young to understand the Importance of the occassion. Yes someday she will explain it to them but I felt sorry for the young ones being dragged around on what looked to be a hot day.

      1. They are adorable, Bee…and she is doing a very good job under difficult circumstances. But I agree, I think they are too young for this type of event.

    1. OK. And you are the Jane who posted the emojis? I like Jane Bond better, but it’s not my handle A friend and I were talking about this today, making up different Jane names! Just for fun. Because you seem like a fun girl! 🙂

      1. Or cripes, I do like Jane Bond way better than Plain Jane , what to do …. I’ve already started trying out Plain Jane you think it will confuse further???

          1. Oh you are sweet and funny, this blog here is so full of really smart fun and really kind women. Whoever said gossip sites were bad was way wrong. *she says tongue in cheek*

            There. NOW it’s official. Jane Bond thanx to you 3D. Thankyou xo

                  1. Oh geezuz lol blame it on Fibro fog heh heh ok, I used to be sorta “hot” before menopause too. I have some Scot in my heritage too. Love the Scots! Where’s my bagpipe I’ll play ya a tune 😉

                    1. Hahahaha! Mine is all in my head these days! The Scots are everywhere! We lived in Dubai for five years they had their own Highland Games!!

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