NeNe Leakes Returning To RHOA Part-Time?


Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has officially wrapped and now rumors of who’s staying and who’s going are beginning. While Kenya Moore has said she doesn’t know if she will return, it has already been reported that Porsha Williams has been fired for getting physical with Moore during the reunion taping.

Tamara Tattles is reporting that because of Williams’ behavior at the reunion, she will be downgraded to a “Friend of the Housewives” next season… and that NeNe Leakes will be joining her in a lesser role!?

The site reports that NeNe’s ego, and salary, have both become too big for Bravo and that she will be joining Porsha as a “Friend of the Housewives” in season 7.

No word on Kenya’s contract.

Time will tell if this report is true. Do you think Bravo really demoted NeNe?

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13 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Returning To RHOA Part-Time?”

  1. if this is true, then i won’t watch anymore. can’t stand kenya, or nene, but like kandi, so not giving kenya any ratings if porsha is gone. i want to see porsha grow up, share career with us. meet new man lol a nice love story,instead of back stabbers like kenya

  2. I do not condone Porsha’s behavior at all! However, I don’t think she should be punished if others who have put their hands on others were never punished. You all know which ones I am referring to. I hope that is the case with Nene! If downsizing Nene’s appearance is all I can get then I’ll take that. I’d prefer she was gone all together!!!! I say bring the others back, I’ll watch!

  3. If firing Porsha is true then I definitely won’t watch because it is unfair. If violence is the reason then Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice and Ramona should also be fired. This whole RHW is getting out of hand.

    1. You are spot on Aunt Bee! Also, remember when Nene jumped up on the bus and put her hands on Kim’s throat!

  4. I totally agree Nene should be knocked down financially. The way to hurt Nene these days is with money. Her actions and demeanor showed clearly how much she thinks of herself. She totally made her employer (Andy Cohen) look bad when her her fake apology, said, “do you want me to pull down your pants and kiss your a$$?”–GURL-BYE FELICIA

  5. I’m done! How about when Tamra accosted Jena(Gena) on RHOCor Jacqueline’s daughter accousted Danielle, she still filmed, RHONJ. I can go back starting at season 1 of RHOC!! Kenya’s One on One with Andy was ridiculous!! MORE props with her “evidence”!!! Come on, she’ll come back if they have her!! What else will she do!!??!!! Great cover story, if they let her go! Nene is ridiculous! She sits on these reunion couches and acts like she wishes to be anywhere but there! She makes great money to just sit there!! Her disrespect for Andy is horrible! Love Kandi!!! Nene needs to GO!!!! I SAID WHAT I SAID!!!

  6. haha I hope Kenya stays over Nene , we’ll see who has the crown for Queen B then . Porsha is an idiot there was talk of being fired before she attacked Kenya at the reunion , then with the anti-gay videos out , you know Andy isn’t having that lol

  7. While NeNe’s attitude and ego do need to be downgraded, I doubt Bravo will do that to her.

    Downgrading Porsha doesn’t sound fair. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

    And, as I have said many times, if Kenya is brought back for another season, I will find something else to watch in that time slot.

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