NeNe Leakes Reportedly Assaults Bravo Producer During Fight With Marlo Hampton, NeNe Denies Hitting Anyone


According to a new report from Media Take Out, NeNe Leakes assaulted a Bravo producer during a fight that was being filmed for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Bravo producer stepped in during a heated argument between NeNe and former friend Marlo Hampton at a baseball game on Friday, October 11th. The site reports NeNe “assaulted a Bravo producer with a bottle, and then fled the scene.”

MTO reports, “According to an eyewitness NeNe and her former friend Marlo began ARGUING HEATEDLY at an Atlanta charity baseball game. At one point a producer from the Atlanta Housewives tried to come between the ladies and get the situation under control. That’s when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.”

The eyewitness tells the site, “NeNe told him, ‘I made you . . . you will NOT disrespect me.'” Then, NeNe “went upside his head with a bottle.”

But NeNe denies hitting anyone and she took to her Twitter account to defend herself. “I don’t know 1 person on this earth that is worth me hitting! The most I will do is hit u wit the court system,” she wrote. “Every season they claim I hit somebody but u haven’t seen it yet have u! That’s because it never happens.”

21And according to NeNe’s tweets the police were involved. “The police we just talked 2 was so great! Thank you APD,” she wrote on the 11th, adding, “Some people just belong n jail! See u court.”



Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Fahlina_G

    “I don’t know 1 person on this earth that is worth me hitting! ” Think Kim Zolciak-Biermann and a few thousand viewers might disagree. You’ve already assaulted somebody on camera, Nene. Nice try though. Thug!

    • Walter

      You’re so right, Neigh Neigh did assault wigs’ and now the producer, Neigh Neigh was heard saying ” I made you” to Bravo producer… WOW!! EVERYONE IS RIGHT, Neigh Neighs’ time with Bravo is going to be short-lived, for sure! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Neigh Neigh! How classless!

      • Fahlina_G

        Anyone else get the feeling that Neigh Neigh like to throw her weight around? Literally and figuratively? I “read” someone who likes to threaten and intimidate. Just what Reality TV needs: Another violent angry black woman. (Shakes head sadly) Bravo and Andy, please, do better!

  • Pinky

    Everything i read about HE is always negative anymore. So sad how all these bravo desperates are just famous for a short time and for the wring reasons. So sick of Andy as well. Bravo needs some fresh, new peie and quality shows. I don’t miss watching.

    • Fahlina_G

      If we wanted to watch crimes and aggression, we could just watch the news

  • Pinky

    Gheez sorry for all spelling errors-in too big of a hurry

  • Anonymous

    Ne Ne is funny at times and surprisingly has made it in show biz even though she can’t act that well but she has never been anything but foul mouthed trash. Then she drug up Marlo who is even worse trash than she is. Why would anyone expect any different from people like that?
    Bravo needs to clean up a lot of the Housewives and get the hookers and criminals off the shows.
    Kim was a gold digger along with Taylor, Tamary, Gretchen plus a few others but they did it with a little class!
    If I want to see hookers I will go to the “Red Light” section of my city or a Strip Club. I sure as hell don’t need to watch it on TV!!

  • Fahlina_G

    Spot on! How can Bravo not understand that it’s the classy, opulent lifestyles that viewers want, a lifestyle that most of us will never attain. TV is supposed to be entertaining. I don;t know about the rest of you, but I get enough pedestrian “reality” right here at home!!!

  • Giuliana

    You can take the girl out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the girl.

  • Deonn

    Don’t believe it lol idc it’s laughable to even think

    • Fahlina_G

      Actually I don’t think it’s laughable at all. And I can guarantee that MANY viewers have no problems picturing this very thing happening. Nene radiates “ghetto” on every front.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone watch when NeNe was on Donald Trumps show? She through one her fits then and acted like the bully she is. I was shocked “The Donald” didn’t fire her that episode. But he was in it for the viewers and NeNe brought them in. Good Greif if viewer attraction wasn’t the bottom line with that show Teresa Giudice would have been off the 2nd show. That idiot didn’t bring anything to the table!