NeNe Leakes Registers For $40,000 In Wedding Gifts!


NeNe Leakes is planning her second wedding to Gregg Leakes that will take place this weekend, and after reports the RHOA Star made her guests sign a bizarre non-disclosure agreement, RadarOnline reports NeNe registered for $40,000 in gifts! Radar reports that NeNe is asking for gifts ranging from a $70 saucer to $7,200 of fine china dishes.

Ms. Leakes registered for over $5,000 of luxurious gifts at Neiman Marcus that includes a $260 bottle of Creed perfume and $2,000 L’Object salad plates. But for the big spenders, NeNe’s wealthier guests should check out her registry at Geary’s, in Beverly Hills, the same store Kim Kardashian registered at.

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16 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Registers For $40,000 In Wedding Gifts!”

  1. She’s just one of many of the Housewives that thinks money equals good taste. Her manners and poor taste are atrocious, and no teacup is going to change that.

  2. Register!?!??! She is getting remarried! Registering is what you do for your first marriage and you and your spouse NEED things like a toaster. She has completely fallen off of her rocker. Sweetie, if you can’t afford $2,000.00 salad plates, go to Target. Maybe she should have gotten a smaller ring if she is unable to afford her life style.

    1. Best comment yet!!! Thank you for the laugh. You are so completely right. I thought she was “rich”, lol…

  3. For real? Like she needs wedding gifts. I think people have lost sight of what is appropriate. Wedding gifts were intended to help the newlywed couples to get a start on home life. NeNe and Greg were married before but they are going to get re-married and the guests are encouraged to buy gifts??? Atrocious at best. How about this NeNe, since you are such a “rich, bitch”, why not ask your guests to donate to a charity of their choice and then they can send you a card with a receipt showing they made a donation. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

  4. Are their guests really going to fall for this? Nene and Greg are marrying each other again. Where do they get off registering for gifts? The only reason they got divorced was to take advantage of a financial loophole. It’s ridiculous for them to expect gifts at their second wedding. They shouldn’t even be having a huge wedding. Give me a break already.

  5. All the comments are the exact same thoughts I had!!! These housewives are so trashy!! Tamara getting married in a wedding gown when it is her third wedding! At least Adriana DeMoura and Cynthia Bailey you used an off color! These women forget what a wedding and the significance means, white means purity which none of them have! Gifts for a third wedding or a fake wedding (Adriana was already married) are for newlyweds that are getting started!!!!!!!!!!!! Tacky classless and all around bad taste!

  6. Oh please. She had 400 people attend her wedding. Registering for $40,000 worth of gifts isn’t really that much and isn’t too much to expect. I know average joes that register for expensive things in case a group of people want to get together and buy something big. This is no big deal.

    1. This is the BITCH second time around with the same dam man.Gifts are intened to help the newly wed couple in their new life as a family. Nene just greedy and tacky as HELL!!! I thought she was a diva until i saw that wedding!!! Tacky, Tacky, Tacky, Tacky, Tacky, Tacky, and ClassLess!!!!!!!!!!!! Tacky!!!!! TaCky!!!!!!!! I never heard of a TACKY DIVA until TVLAnd met NENe LEaKS!!!!

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