NeNe Leakes On Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams

In recent years, we watched NeNe Leakes grow closer with Phaedra Parks, but in a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, NeNe revealed the current status of her relationships with her former co-stars.

NeNe revealed she has not seen or spoken to Phaedra Parks since last year’s reunion. Leakes explained that she felt like she received an icy reception from Phaedra and Porsha Williams when she surprised the group during their Jamaican vacation last season.

“I was surprised at their reaction to me. They didn’t even talk to me hardly in Jamaica,” NeNe told Andy Cohen, adding that she “caught them whispering” about her behind her back. “I’m cool with Phaedra. I feel like I must be the problem for them. When I show up, I’m a problem.”

NeNe was also not pleased that Porsha said she’s tried to reach out to NeNe and she doesn’t call her back. “That’s a lie. Let me tell you something, I’m the girl that’ll call you right back,” she said in her defense. “So this girl ain’t call me. How she gonna call me when she bashing me with her radio crew all the time?”

However, things between Kandi Burruss and Nene have never been better. “Me and Kandi made a bet that we were gonna try to be cooler with each other, you know, just try to get to know each other a little bit more. We both have kept to that. She’ll text me,” NeNe shared. “Phaedra hasn’t texted me. Porsha hasn’t said a word.”

NeNe also said that she knows where Kandi is coming from when it comes to the end of her friendship with Phaedra. “I’m OK with the friendship split. It’s just the way that it’s splitting is the problem. Well, I think that Kandi had been holding back for so long and keeping secrets,” NeNe said. “For me, — yes, I know them in a different way than the viewers do — for me, I got your back, and I’m loyal to you until you’re not loyal to me. And you’re not gonna just keep shooting at me and think I’m not gonna shoot at you. So I’m OK if Kandi wants to blow her head off every now and then. I’m fine with that.”

Kandi appreciated NeNe’s support. She took to Instagram and wrote, “I had to post this because @neneleakes just explained perfectly what I’ve felt. For those who wonder why I’ve reacted the way I have reacted this season. Im extremely loyal but for the last couple years I’ve kept my mouth closed while I was getting dragged on & off camera. So this year I was just done,” Kandi captioned a clip of NeNe’s WWHL comments on Instagram. “At the end of the day we should respect girl codes but that means when the friendship is done you don’t say anything about each other. Not just I don’t say anything about you while you blast the hell out of me all the time… Isn’t it funny to hear Nene & I on the same page. #JesusFixedIt.”

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