NeNe Leakes: Phaedra And I Are Not BFFs


Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is taking to her blog this week to explain why she has been reaching out to Phaedra Parks after years of not getting along with her. Leakes says she felt Phaedra’s pain but insists that they are not BFFs. NeNe says she wanted to give Phaedra advice about what she is going through because she has a big heart.

NeNe writes, “It always amazes me how these ladies like to point fingers. It’s always somebody else’s fault rather than admitting, “Yeah I was wrong,” or, “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that at that time,” or, “Maybe I wasn’t there for her because I had my own problems going on.” It’s always easy to point the finger at your girl NeNe and hope that no one will see their true colors!

Let’s be clear about a few things: Phaedra and I are not close! We’re not BFFs! One of the great things about NeNe Leakes is that I have a heart. Phaedra is a woman, and woman to woman I felt her pain! Hell, I had been there before! It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the street, you never know what a woman is going through behind closed doors, and I could clearly see Phaedra was going through something and she was in pain. She’s a mom with two young boys, and all I saw was myself, so I had to reach out. I wanted to give her advice on how to get through during tough times like these. Sometimes you just need somebody to talk to. Somebody to cry to. It’s always during times like these when you get to see the true colors of those that call themselves your friend!

When the info was brought up about the Phaedra cheating rumor from Miss I Don’t Have a Story Line, the first thought that came to mind was something my aunt told me last year after the reunion show. She said, “NeNe, you might be hurting now and she may have fooled some people for the moment, but the truth will surface. You sit back, be quiet, and her true colors will show up. People will see her for who she is!” You guys saw with your own eyes what Team Petty does week after week, so speak on it! Blow their ass up!”

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  • Confused5

    I don’t like Nene but She has some good points ( not all good). Cynthia and Peter are just trying to up their story line. ( friend contract should have sent warning signals)

  • starr sabga

    Well said Nene, I just love you & what you bring to the show. You keep it up & ignore the ‘haters’.

  • RealWoman1000

    On a show like this, we really cannot know who is telling the truth. And Phaedra has been very crappy to others and she too has carried rumors with no real evidence. Cynthia was a shitty as Phaedra has been. I am still not sure Phaedra is not complicit in Appollo’s crime but you never know. Ne Ne has plenty of issues. Plenty, But sometimes she shows herself to be a mature. compassionate woman. I like that when I see it every once and awhile. But I cannot be mad at Ne Ne with how she has parlayed this show into a full fledged career in Hollywood. She is getting paid I just wish she could be classy enough to not to brag about it all the time. Kandi has them all beat and you never hear her bragging about her success.