NeNe Leakes Owes Over $824K in Unpaid Taxes


According to a report by the Daily Mail, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes hasn’t paid her taxes. On July 22th, 2016, Leakes was slapped with a tax lien and the IRS is planning to seize NeNe’s assets if she doesn’t pay the $824,366.01 in back taxes from the year 2014.


Interesting, coming from someone who feels the need to tell everyone what a “ritch bitch” they are all the time.

Are you surprised by this?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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15 Comments on "NeNe Leakes Owes Over $824K in Unpaid Taxes"

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I thought Nene was ‘rich’? In UK we pay our taxes as we earn called PAYE. Maybe US should do same it makes life a lot easier!

Hi Suze totally agree! Nene was

oops didn’t finish! Nene was bragging what a rich bi*ch she was! You would think if you never had money, you’d put some in the bank and PAY your taxes instead of doing material things to “show” how rich you are! But that’s just me! Or at least hire an accountant with all that money. Oh well – hope you are doing good!

Hi! Yes some of these women are stupid! Yes I’m ok, up and down you know but my son coming today until Wednesday so very excited. Hope alls well with you? Xoxoxoxoxox

Yes, I understand, hope more ups than downs! Enjoy hanging out with your son!


Well that’s you and other wise people. If you are shallow & vapid like Nene you don’t really think about anything but yourself. Her kids are a mess and I will never forget the younger boy pining for a home-cooked meal he probably never got. Greg seems like a neutered male hanging around for the paycheck.

She should sue her plastic surgeon while she’s at it. Then maybe she could pay her bills.

Morning Suze, Nene has never been in control of her big mouth, so it comes as no surprise that she is equally as out of control with her finances. She wishes she was a “Rich Bitch”. The only thing she is rich with is “Hot Air”.

Love your comment! Xxxooo

Size. Ghetto rich. Lol.

I would be a “ritch bitch” as well if I did not pay my taxes.

Lol Kelly. Me too.

LOL, usually the people who brag about it don’t have it. There is this thing called a bank that has SAVINGS account maybe try using one of those Ms. RichBitch

Absolutely no surprise that the entitled Nene doesn’t pay her fair share. It’s always the big braggers that skirt the law. I bet she doesn’t even feel bad about it. The only thing I like about her is she doesn’t let Andy bully her and refuses to kiss his butt just because he is gay, which he seems to think people should do while he himself is very hateful. He got the shock of his life in his stupid Hillary v. Trump poll. I am quite sure he expected all his viewers to be for Hillary, based on the insular… Read more »

Nene’s plastic surgery is hideous. She looks soooooo altered you hardly recognize her. The end result is she looks like a cartoon blowfish, and while that’s an improvement, it is not a face for real life.