NeNe Leakes On RHOA Ratings, “We’re Not So Plastic Surgery, We’re Just Regular Girls!”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes is talking to The Insider about what makes RHOA do so well in the ratings. The Season 5 premiere broke Bravo’s ratings history of the ENTIRE network, not just The Real Housewives. And NeNe knows exactly why her show does so well! “Housewives does really well because of NeNe Leakes and what I have to say,” NeNe tells The Insider. She also explains that she and her cast mates are unique beacause, “Of The Real Housewives Franchise, we are the only brown girls.”

She continues, “You can always turn the TV on and see those Beverly Hills girls, those Miami girls, those New Jersey girls, New York girls…and you still sort of get the same flavor, but when you turn and see The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you’re getting a group of brown girls.” NeNe adds, “I think that with us, we’re not so plastic surgery…we’re just regular girls.”

NeNe continues to discuss her ongoing feud with former friend, Kim Zolciak, and if there’s a future for their friendship. She reacts to Kim’s recent tweet saying she wishes NeNe the best, and more! Watch NeNe’s interview below!

Photo/Video Credit: The Insider

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I watch RHOA because I’m curious to see how Black Girls behave.

I hate how NeNe tries to be sophisticated but everything always comes out sounding stupid.. anyway… RHOA has more DRAMA.. point, blank, PERIOD. That’s why they get more views.. With the other Housewives franchise they’re all about “I’m classy, I know this and that, I want to look young,blah blah blah.. Although I love RHONJ, Miami and Beverly Hills, I feel like their drama is so unnecessary and calculated.. It’s the same shit every SEASON.. You have these women who look like they’re 80 trying to revive their golden days and be PRESTIGIOUS at the same time and it’s boring.… Read more »