NeNe Leakes Offered Huge Raise To Return To RHOA


Even though she’s announced her new spin-off show with Kim Zolciak, a new report claims NeNe Leakes has been offered a huge raise to return to next season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“NeNe absolutely hated Housewives this season. She hated almost all of the other women and wanted off the show entirely,” an insider says. “But she is the most valuable person in the entire franchise and Bravo was going to do whatever she wanted to keep her. So they offered her the spin-off, which she gladly took.”

As for next season of RHOA?

“They want NeNe and so they offered her a HUGE raise. She already makes the most and now they’re giving her even more money per episode and her bonuses will be bigger too,” the source told RadarOnline.

The report claims Leakes made $1.5 million this season. “NeNe is a really smart business woman,” the source said. “She even got Bravo to pay her more than they’re paying Kim on the new show. NeNe knows she is the one people want to see and so she’s going to make Bravo pay up to keep her around.”

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23 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Offered Huge Raise To Return To RHOA”

  1. lolol, if this report is true, I suspect Bravo will listen to Nene’ s demands, I can see some cast mates Gone by next season.

  2. She should get over herself. But on saying that I can’t stand Twirly Kenya not that there is much between them but both horrendous!

  3. Is this true? I doubt it. This sounds more like Nene/Nene’s publicist planted a fake story about how in demand she is.

  4. Nene was pretty bad this season, and not great last season.

    She was great a few years ago, but she’s stopped bothering and Bravo just giving her more money is only gonna inflate that ego and make her worse.

  5. Seriously, I don’t think NeNe, in her heart of hearts, wants to do RHOA anymore. I think she’s basically phoning it in at this point. Really, she’s out grown the show now. She really isn’t close to any of the ladies anymore- she may be friendly with a few, but not close. She has her finger in many other pies, and she much rather be doing those other projects hands down. She spend a lot of her time telling everyone how much she is D.O.N.E. with RHOA and how much she’s got going on professionally, so it not like its a mystery. But to pay her astronomical amounts af money to do a subpar job, while shading the hand that feeds her and bragging about how much she’s got going on outside of RHOA- so she ain’t got time for the other “thirsty” girls. Is a storyline she’s already done.

  6. For some unknown reason I want her to stay even if it is only to upset Kenya who claims she is the real star of the show. I’ve always liked this crazy lady Cuz you never know what crap she is going to pull next. She makes me laugh and if she leaves so will I because I really, truly can’t stand Kenya.

    1. I’m with you! None of the other ladies are interesting enough to keep the show running. Kenya and Cynthia need to go and I hope they don’t bring Claudia back, I don’t think she’s as “real” as she claims to be and she’s super boring. Actually I think they can use an overhaul and bring in some more interesting women. Atlanta has got to have more to offer than this. They need more housewives from Atlanta/Georgia, not chronically single women from Detroit and Rhode Island!

    2. Aunt Bee, you said it all for me. I love Nene & she is the show, I really hope this is true & she does stay. Kenya must go though.

    3. Even though at times I find her annoying, I still like the woman She cracks me up to no end because you never know what crazy thing is going to come out of her mouth. As for Krazy Kenya, that woman is too big for her britches. Season 6 is almost over…she better start searching for her fake boyfriend for next season.

  7. Love it or hate it, the ratings would plummet without Nene. The show is HER brand. Although she may have had a subpar season, the other ladies could not sustain the ratings that the show has embraced for so long without Nene, and the executives at Bravo know it. It always boils down to the dollars ladies, it is a business thing.

  8. Aunt Bee, I agree with you, Nene has outgrown the show, I’ll miss her silliness from seasons ago but I understand that she’s outgrown the show. At this point, I wonder if she’ll stay for more money or cut her losses? I can’t imagine Kenya taking Nenes place! Ugh!

  9. Lol I wish I could command that from my job you go to work bitter coworkers be hating on you most people would quite NeNe smart person said ok for me to stay and endure all this shit from these miserable bitch’s it going to cost you big time ijs

  10. I enjoy watching nene, can’t help it I just do. BUT, if she’s gonna get a raise to stay, she needs to be more active in the show again. If she’s gonna be in then be in, if she’s not then be done. I’d like to see her stay, but not like this season.

  11. Why is it Southern Charm and the Chrisley reality shows allow their participants to act civil & yet Bravo urges more uncivility on the RHOA show. Because of this some of the ladies act like mean girls in order to be relevant. These 40+ year old women need to stop acting like grade school children. Keep doing what you are doing Nene. Keep being a friend to those in their time of need and keep ignoring the wannabes because that seems to make them crazy. If someone has a problem with you showing compassion, that’s their problem. I hope Demetria refrains from acting as ridiculous as Team Petty. Also, Nene, keep growing your brand. I found it interesting that Claudia had negative things to say about Nenes’ clothing line and yet praised Derrick J’s jacket which he informed her her was from Nenes’ collection. She sure looked foolish. Shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know especially when her own wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired. Watch out Kenya because you tried so hard to be the star of the show and now Claudia is trying the same thing. Reign on Queen Nene. You always come out on top.

  12. NeNe has a bad case of the BIG HEAD!
    Absolutely no class. She is in no way humble.
    NeNe, wake up you are NOT a Star.
    The way she acted on the counseling session show was totally not to be excused.
    NeNe is nobody, who in the Hell does she think she is?
    She brags about being on Broadway……WHY?
    Tell me about Broadway when you are like the big stars with an on going role. You are just one of many invited guests to have a very short lived appearance.
    Talk to me when you get a “TONY”(sp), or an “OBIE”.
    If Bravo gives her a million dollars they are crazy as Hell.
    She is a NOBODY, just a “HOOD RAT”!!!
    Totally GHETTO !!!
    Really Bravo ???

    1. Bravo is giving her a million dollars because RHOA pulls in an average of 4 million viewers a week, making it the most watched and most successful in terms of ratings for the network. Sure, she can be full of herself and annoying at times, but you can’t deny facts and figures like that. Not saying she did it alone, but she is certainly responsible for a large chunk of the success of the show.

      I also think Bravo is trying to keep her with upping her contact every year because she does have other avenues she can pursue and make others money, so in Bravo’s logic, keep her happy and make THEM money instead. That’s just my opinion though.

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