NeNe Leakes Offered Big Bucks to Return to RHOA


NeNe Leakes has reportedly been offered $2.5 million to return next season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“NeNe is always a ratings plus for the show,” a insider explained. “And the producers want to make sure the show stays strong. The reason it stays strong is NeNe, so they’re throwing money at her.”

Although the RHOA reunion is still airing, a source told RadarOnline that Bravo execs want to ensure that Leakes continues to be a part of the show, because their new casting didn’t work out this year.

“Kim [Fields] was not good,” the insider said. “The show needed NeNe to make her interesting, and they know that.”

“NeNe always holds out for as much money as she can get,” the source insisted. “She will string the Bravo people along forever in order to cash in. She’s no dummy.”

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25 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Offered Big Bucks to Return to RHOA”

  1. I must be really crabbit this afternoon! 2.5 million what a waste of money! I’m sure she will go back for that another reason for me not to watch it. Methnks it’s time I had a snooze! Xo

    1. I think I’m finally with ya on this one Suze. If Nene comes back full time, I’m done! And to pay her 2.5 million, this world has really fallen off it’s obit. LOL

  2. Hey, at this point, for Nene, it is all about the money. She has things going on and does not ‘need’ the show the way someone like Kim Fields needs the show. I agree Kim was not as good a cast choice as had been hoped…I had high hopes for her but she just does not fit in. Dancing with the Stars is much more suited for Kim, in my opinion. I think Nene is well worth the large salary she is being offered…I find her really really fun to watch, whether I like her at the moment or not!

    1. She needs the money. What high-paying job does she have? She’s no one without the show. The fact that she’s crawling back to something cashed claims is negative and so stressful really says it all

    2. Me too Simone. I love watching Nene. She’s funny and smart and always taking on big challenges and doing interesting new things. Without her the other cast members are not interesting or fun enough to carry the show. Kenya’s endless rage even when she’s fake laughing after every sentence is incredibly tiresome. It’s not fun or interesting to watch her and her latest paid boyfriend has zero sense of humor. Yes Nene has to come back next season!

  3. I don’t believe a word of it! Nene was gone and the ratings didn’t suffer AT ALL. Her return didn’t offer a ratings bump, so there’s no way in hell they’re paying her more. If anything it may be less .

    1. That is categorically untrue. Go to The ratings are way down from last season. RHOA is still doing well, but this season’s premiere was down over a million viewers. The show had been averaging 3.4 million, now it is 2.8 million on average. That is a huge deal to Bravo and NBCUniversal which owns Bravo. E! is also owned by NBCUniversal, so they made the decision to move Nene from Fashion Police or else. She will follow the money and the ratings will follow here. Besides, WWHL gets an additional half million viewers when she appears and a year ago, Patti Stanger’s show featured Nene and was the highest rated show of the entire series. Please do a fact check. All this is accurate.

      1. Not really babe! You need to look at the overall numbers for the season. Last season opened strong with nene, then dropped ! So yes this season opened lower than last season but that’s because that downward trajectory had already begun WITH nene still on the show! And yes I go to Tvbythenumbers and tvmediainsghts and I know the numbers .

      2. You need to check the numbers of how last season with nene ended ! And for Heavens sake relax, I don’t even watch that show or care. It all about numbers and money . I’m not a Nene hater so relax

    2. It always amazes me that people believe this crapola. She turned down 1 mil last years and had to suck up at the end for a per episode rate. There is no way they are offering her that kind of money.

        1. Totally agree, she has to pay for that monstrosity she had built somehow! Like you I couldn’t care less if she comes back or not, they would need a complete cast change for me to watch again!

        2. Sorry Rain, I meant to say thanks for last night you and Miss M made me feel loads better! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Whether she returns or not makes no difference to me. I never watched this season, only a couple of segments here and there online. Tutti was too oh just Tutti. Tutti is too fruitti for Atlanta nice girl sweet really but no not a fit from the little I saw. But Nene. She was funny and a who haw to watch in the initial beginning but then she got crabbit as Suze says. She just got mean and sometimes physical??? Uh uh, no buenos. Her ego inflated like a Zeppelin too, just downright ridiculously haughty and unfoundedly arrogant. What has she really ever done to cop an attitude anyway play a wicked stepmother in a play?! Cmonnnn I don’t think so. Bye Bloop

    1. Her ego inflated like a Zeppelin a bit like her boobs! Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for last night you and Rain made me feel so much better!

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