NeNe Leakes Not Team Teresa?

Real Housewives of Atlanta Breakout Star NeNe Leakes has been dropping some tweet bombs lately. In particular when the RHONJ Reunion aired. NeNe made it clear she doesn’t like the dark places this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey went.

When the second installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion aired on October 7th, NeNe tweeted several things while watching the show. First she tweeted supported for Melissa Gorga, saying, “If Melissa was a stripper n her past, what is the problem? Everybody has a past! We’ve all done things we r not proud of.”

She also weighs in on Teresa shooting with Dina Manzo, saying, “Teresa is definitely wrong 4 shootin wit Caroline’s sister & talkin abt her! That has been done 2 me on our show. It’s done 2 try an hurt.”

Then she tweeted this, “That’s Terrible a parent would let their children talk about another adult! We hav that on our show 2! #Badparenting.” We assume she is talking about Teresa’s girls saying things about Melissa Gorga, because fans flooded NeNe’s Twitter defending Teresa, and pointing out what Lauren Manzo has said, and she replied, “Caroline’s daughter is an adult!”

Like all of us  NeNe said that she was just watching the show as a viewer, and says, “Lawd hav mercy this is really getting dark! RHONJ reunion.” She followed up that with, “No 1 is off limits! The husbands, the Parents, The children! Cray Cray.”

Is NeNe Leaks Team Gorga/Manzo/Laurita/Wakile?

Tell Us- What do you think?

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6 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Not Team Teresa?”

  1. I stopped watching RHONJ, because of Teresa. She is childish, naive, and if she attended school in NJ, well they are in need of some better teachers. TEAM anyone else!

  2. Love Nene…Calls a spade a spade…No fake for sure…..Sorry Tre but your kids should stop the bad mouth about their aunt……They repeat what they hear….Not cute….Is this boom bamboom how U make money? Feel bad for your husband.He is takin all the wrap for U…..Still spending Tre and thinking U will win. Joe good luck.You are a good dad….Tre mamas don’t laugh when their kids are direspectful and yell and throw tantrums…..Still pray no jail time. Bravo needs to say bye…..This jail stuff is crazy….Oh and your kids know…..Now with Dina who got her way……Shame on the money Hungry Dina…Jealius and not all that…..

  3. Dina how does it feel to get your sister n law fired! Wow and blaming ur ex….aaaaaaa U need the money that bad…..Then ur nephew is autistic and U blow him off. What if it was ur dsughter??#@………Get a heart and follow the yellow brick road….

  4. Daughter…….Yes I can spell…..See….I am not goina give U an inch….Girls she chose to come back….Get the juice on her and don’t let her try to have U defend her…Like her Great Sis…..Then look what happened…..Smash her like a bug….

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