NeNe Leakes’ Mugshot And Arrests Revealed


NeNe Leakes has been competing on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and the highest paid Housewife’s past is coming back to haunt her. According to Athens-Clarke County (Georgia) Superior Court documents obtained by Star Magazine, Leakes was arrested and charged in 1992 with three felony and one misdemeanor counts of “theft of services” from the phone company.

NeNeAt the time NeNe was 25 years-old and known as Linnethia Johnson. In a plea agreement, she pled guilty to all four counts and was put on two years’ probation and ordered to repay $2,650. Over the next two years, though, the future reality TV star was arrested three more times for probation violations.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Star Magazine


14 Replies to “NeNe Leakes’ Mugshot And Arrests Revealed”

  1. #1. She looks fab in that mugshot, not sure why she needed all that surgery

    #2. She is what she always has been, a money grabbing ho, with psycho tendency

    #3. She must have known past will cum and bite her…

    1. She may attempt to put on airs, fancy clothes, big ol’ ring: Remember this: she is a convicted felon. Just like Apollo Nida.

  2. This is exactly why she should not have thrown Marlo’s past criminal charges in her face or brought it up on twitter and on The View. Anyone can get arrested in the US and with the Internet this means that someone in the Athens judicial system released these old photos to the media to put online…becAuse in 1992 mugshots were not being released online to anyone because the software had not been invented yet. And you would have thought this info should have been passed stats of limits and thrown out from 21 years ago.

  3. Who Cares everyone has a past it called u learn and grow from your mistakes no one is perfect on earth (All that have not sin cast the first Stone) anyway moving on!!!!!!!

  4. Nene is a D list celebrity! I don’t know why she thinks she has so many accomplishments. She is pathetic. She talks a lot a crap about Marlo. Well baby you have a past of your own so SHUT THE HELL UP!!! I hope her bumb transvestite looking butt falls flat on het face and gets kicked off DWTS .

    1. Isn’t NeNe the one who brought Marlo on the show? Can you spell HIPPOcrite? Maybe NeNe will buy a big boat with all her money and name it CHECK MY CHARGES!

  5. Alot of dumb people commenting that this is in NeNe’s past (so what’s the big deal), first of all, yes we all make mistakes but being a felon more than once shows alot about her character, the same as being a stripper. She portrays herself as above the other HW’s as though she were legit—when in fact, she is a fame whore, money grubbing wannabe with no class whatsoever…..
    Loudmouth loser who has let tiny roles on T.V. and the reality series go to her huge head. Without RHOA noone will remember her….. That’s the sad truth about Karma—-shit comes back at you when you set out to take others down and use evil tactics…..
    Can’t wait till her 15 minutes is over and this fake wannabe is gone (it’s been too long already). Bravo can really scrape the bottom of the barrel when looking for these losers……….

  6. LMAO——-Linnethia is a loudmouth, convicted felon (more than once), multiple arrests, stripper—these are some great creds she can be proud of (sarcasm).
    This loser talks so much smack and look at her pathetic self——and the really sad part is that this loser has no shame, none of these HW’s do and yet – she acts entitled to something….sad & pathetic is what I see (also a really bad do)….
    All the HW”S (excluding Lisa Vanderpump) are wannabee’s…………..

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