NeNe Leakes Making Big Deal with Bravo to Return to RHOA Season 9


NeNe Leakes only returned to season eight of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has a part-time cast member, but sources are revealing that she is driving a hard bargain as producers want her to return to season nine full-time.

“NeNe has a lot of production deals in the works,” an insider reveals. “And that is what she wants to do, more than just be a housewife BUT she knows where her money comes from and it comes from Bravo.”

NeNe was previously earning $2 million a season, and Bravo realizes that she is ratings gold.

“NeNe is not dumb. She does exactly what needs to be done on RHOA,” the source explained to RadarOnline.

“She is not afraid to fight with anyone and her take on every story is what the fans want. No one cares about the random ladies on the show. NeNe is the one they tune in to watch. So she will be back, earning the big bucks and laughing all the way to the bank,” the source added.

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Making Big Deal with Bravo to Return to RHOA Season 9”

  1. Said it before and I will probably say it again I do not understand the appeal of ATL or why NeNe is worth so much money! It boggles my brain!

    1. Same here Suze. I cant stand Nene and honestly I didn’t enjoy last season that much. With “Big Mouth” back, I would feel no guilt in not watching. After all, Sunday is the best night of the week for watching T.V.

  2. This story is baloney ! What ‘ratings gold’ ??? Her return didn’t change the viewer numbers from where they were before . And nobody is paying her 2 million , this is just silly

  3. I do not miss her and am sorry to hear she is returning full time. She is a pot-stirrer of the highest order and craves way too much attention. I thought the ladies were doing just fine without her.

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