Is NeNe Leakes Leaving RHOA?


After the fight that took place at The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, NeNe Leakes is revealing that she is hesitant to return to the show for another season. NeNe stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show and admitted she has mixed feelings about returning.

When Arsenio asked NeNe if she ever thinks about NOT returning to the show, she said, “I usually think that every season. I do! But then I end up coming back!”

NeNe told Hall that while the show can be “very negative and very draining,” she is thankful for the doors it has opened for her. 

“Every season, I think, ‘Oh my God, this is driving me insane!’ Because here’s the thing: For me, It’s like a blessing and a curse. It has definitely opened up so many doors and opportunities for me,” NeNe says. “I have been able to do some of everything just from being on this platform. But at the same time, it can be very negative and very draining and all of things. But also, it can put a lot of money in my pocket. Not just the show, I’m saying, other things come to you.”

When Arsenio said that Kenya Moore brings the drama, as well as the ratings, NeNe replied, “Oh please honey, we had eyeballs before Kenya came around! It’s the truth, we did. We’ve always been the No. 1 show in the franchise.”

An insider tells E! News that it’s “highly doubtful” that both Kenya and Porsha will both return next season, but added that producers had yet to make the decision on who will be the one to leave. 

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35 Replies to “Is NeNe Leakes Leaving RHOA?”

  1. If Porsha is going to be fired so should Krazykenya. Both acted like punks and while one used physical violence the other used bully tactics to get the other one to react in a negative manner. If Andy Cohen fires Porsha, he will see that many will react in protest. Kenya IS Bravo Gold right now, but wait until all the other ladies refuse to film with Krazykenya, that’ll put Bravo in a pickle. Porsha should have never resorted to violence BUT I understand why.

    Team Porsha for waking up Bravo/Andy on new restrictions on reunions, if anything.

    1. “IF Portia is fired”???…She was…before the show!
      If she had not interrupted K., props (given to K. by production) would not have been used. One could go back and back. Bottom line…the house always wins!
      Now the civil rights peeps are involved. Maybe they always have been?! Image is important but perception is everything in show biz.
      Don’t go away mad… Nene and Portia (and Phaedra). Just go away!!
      Common sense dictates they want to keep ratings up. Portia became a liability.
      Keep it real.

    2. YaYa..If ignorance is bliss then you and Portia and “stans” are happy! Phaedra is evil, P. is an f’n child and Nene is desperate. I was told P. was fired before the show. P.’s character was revealed in musical and interactions with her boss (Lark). She is a horrid person.

    3. Porsha should be fired. First of all its a realty TV show and drama is why we watch so stop with the Kenya is starting trouble, thats why she’s there. Porsha however is the dumbest of the women, its clear she can’t fight with words because she’s very limited in that department. Porsha can’t take the heat than she should get out of the kitchen.

    4. Kenya did nothing wrong. You can’t cause another person to do anything. I’m sure this isn’t the first time Porsha has physical attacked someone. She has poor impulse control.

      1. There NO. excuses for physical violence is Porsha felt threatened or manipulated she should of said to andy i’ll be leaving this stage & the going backstage until the pops to take away because i’m feeling threatenedxby and i won’t put up with that kenya all the props

        that’s what is 34 year old mature woman would do you don’t get up and pull someones hair & dragged onto the floor

  2. NeNe is nothing. She throws around her big body and insults others. I hope she leaves but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Bravo contracts should have clauses on it about not being selective whom not to film with. These idiots make so much money then think they are such superstars who can demand. Bravo is stupid for shelling out such big bucks for nene, who herself is a bully. let me all walk! Kandi is smart and doesn’t need their money, so if she threatens or refuses Bravo should pay attention–all the others are desperate.

  4. I particularly like the part where NeNe refers to the show as being “very negative and very draining.” She is absolutely correct and she has contributed 98% of that negativity. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…
    She’s the one who held the ridiculous pajama party that put every guest on the spot with the confrontational list of questions. She’s the one who acted like a spoiled child because Marlo had a new friend. Boy, her inner ghetto was exposed in that episode!!! She’s the one who showed up at Kenya’s charity event and acted like an arrogant pompous ass. She’s the one who felt the need to school those on the meaning of ignorance while in Mexico. She’s the one who called Peter Thomas a bitch because he disagreed with the way she conducted herself at the charity event. The list goes on and on and on and on… Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass!!!

  5. I concur100%.
    Has anyone heard what Wendy Williams said about the Portia-Kenya fight? She said they both should be fired! Kenya because she won’t quit on her own. She said Kenya didn’t belong on the show because she’s “Better than cast mates”…more accomplished,poised, etc. And,Wendy says, She wants to have children and get married…what man wants to hear his woman called names and attacked on National TV? A good read.

    1. I believe Wendy said Kenya shouldn’t be on the show because you can’t believe anything she says. And she said Kenya rented the Bentley. But I could be wrong.

      1. Izzy…
        Probably not wrong…just your “perception.” I really believe K. is a good person (time will tell). Incidentally, time has told on Neens!.
        Portia is a brat…exposed.

        1. Wendy did say Kenya should leave because of all the boyfriend lies. But she also said she loved Kenya to death. Porsha should go. She’s clearly out of her league. Phaedra needs to go because she’s a crook and made herself irrelevant.

      2. I don’t believe your perception is correct. She said, Kenya is too good for show…too accomplished and poised.

  6. Puuuhhhlllease go NeNe. I despise your attitude. When things get tuff you sumply blame your “alter ego” and say you can’t be respinsible forwhat she does??? Keep that nose turned up in the air NeNe, ad hopefully one rainy day you’ll drown!

  7. Nene’s ego has gotten so big I no longer find her funny. For a long time she was still funny to me and now she’s just too cocky. It’s like come back down to earth, girl. You were a stripper and you’re just on the Housewives, you haven’t won an Oscar.

  8. I wish nay Nay would leave, big deal she got a few other other (ACTTIVITYS ) she’s rude always attitude , And thinks she’s better than any of the girls .i think she’s afraid Marlo mite air her dirty laundry, tats why she avoids her. I don’t get why certain talk show hosts are afraid to ask her the questions we really want ANWSERs to. I actually rolled on the floor laughing wen she said she turn down million$ pay chks, girl please. Who the hell doesn’t read scripts & take acting classes if TEY really wanna break out in2 tat business .She seems to 4get tat day on kandys bus w/way she treated Kim & ran her off the show & a few other incidents. Her ego is to big 4this planet! Bravo let her go I like to see how far she gets! Do u really think respected producers , directors ,would put up w/her bullshit. I think not. As far a dancing w/cough cough so call stars we will 4get she was on it come. July. Viewers like humble , grateful actors tat work hard & appreciate the fact one puts in the time & effort to master their craft. Nene is none of tat. By the way I can’t even remember wat she brought to the table this season, did I miss a charity event tat was put 2gether by her , Peter was dead on with the way he put her on blast, maybe some 1 else will finally step up & call her out on her bullshit

  9. Oh, please leave, you will not be missed. I don’t know what happened to nene that turned her into a stupid (over-inflated) ego moron. But please, leave—you’re childish comments / faces, you’re attitude all stink………..go away already……………
    BTW—-you are not a “star”—-and you dance like a cow (that’s for real)………..
    Time for ex-felon, ex-stripper to go home…………..

    1. I agree that NeNe dances like a cow. Don’t know why she’s still on that show. She’s despicable and a bad role model for human beings. Go home Leekes. Disappear yourself.

      1. NeNe’s of the world are exactly why the Donald Sterlings of the world feel confident in the racist things they say! For real! Let me break it down……. As shows like RHOA feature women who disrespect each other and rappers that overuse the N word, why should we be surprised at this cracker, I mean, man, mothafukka, I mean, Mr. Sterling when he openly says what we have empowered? Donald Trump had his “the blacks” comment and NeNe bragged about cashing his checks, not holding him accountable. That action says that, as long as she makes her coins, he can say whatever he wishes….. But I back paddled, hehe

        1. Don’t know about what Mr. Sterling said (regarding the racist) comments, but I will say that I do find it sad that in todays society–we have so many women & men using derogatory language to each other—-like society took a giant leap backward. And when celebrities use it to be “cool” makes it even worse, there are no real role models anymore—-everyone is trying to be “hip or cool”…….

  10. Agreed! Please show NeNe the door. I used to love her and think her witty comments were comical. Not at all anymore. She has no story line. Let’s please move on.

  11. And if nene goes away—-please take fakedra (married to the convict) with you—-she is another poser trying to act like “a southern belle, a lady”, and girl, it’s not working…………….

    1. Get rid of NeNe and Phadera fake ass! She knew her husband was stealing, she probably put him up to it! He is so arogant, sick of him too! NeNe’s attitude sucks!

  12. Nene can go because she isn’t what she think she is. She is always in somebody face and she does dish it out but can’t take it back in return. Nene should stay but I don’t like her anymore. I enjoy Kenya getting Phaedra and Nene. Phaedra needs to go. Her and her criminal husband shouldnt be on tv. Its a shame

  13. NeNe head has become to big for her own good i used 2 really like NeNe she was funny now she’s just a bitch that thinks she’s an a list Star.

    She will return to the show she needs the cash the offers are drying up & be honest i didn’t think she was that good on the new normal

    Oh she’ll be back, she’s full of it she knows she needs the Bravo pay check that’s the only real income she has coming in

    1. oh NeNe will be back she’s full of shit she loves the Bravo say check it’s not as tho she has any other acting jobs

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