NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak Have Finally Made Up! NeNe’s Emotional Tweet!

NeNe Kim

We have watched Real Housewives of Atlanta Stars NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak’s on-again, off-again friendship for 5 Seasons, and according to Twitter on Wednesday, the two former enemies have finally put an end to their bitter feud. The two Atlanta ladies had a heart to heart conversation, reached peace, and an emotional NeNe had to pull over from driving when Kim’s daughter Brielle reached out to NeNe on Twitter. NeNe was very close with Kim’s daughters Brielle and Ariana, and it seems everyone is very happy there is finally resolve.

“My heart is at such peace,” Kim tweeted, “@neneleakes best chat ever! See u soon! #onwardandupward.” NeNe retweeted what Kim said and added, “Just had the best chat with @Kimzolciak! Now I see @BrielleZolciak is following me! I just pulled off the road 2 cry. This is 2 much.”


It sounds like the former friends have finally come to a resolution and are moving forward in a friendship. I wonder if Kim will be invited to NeNe and Gregg’s wedding?

Are YOU happy NeNe and Kim have made up? Are YOU surprised NeNe was so emotional in her Tweet?

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7 Replies to “NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak Have Finally Made Up! NeNe’s Emotional Tweet!”

  1. I used to love Kim when her and Nene were so close. I’m really happy they’ve patched things up! I’m sure Brielle has missed spending time with Nene as well!

  2. Hmmm With Kim being sued and not having really any friends left on this show – perhaps Kim used strategy that she needs NeNe if she wants a future with bravo. Kim has had alot of very negative comments and less than stellar interest in her spin-off coming up. Also, with Kim’s current legal battle with Kandi, Kim maybe needs NeNe more than she has realized. Maybe Andy indicated to both that with this season’s ratings in s slump – they both need each other. Who knows. Positivity is always good. I have sadly become so skeptical of these women who get caught in lies and fakery, it is kinda hard to trust…..even what appears as a good thing?

  3. I hope Kim is sincere and starts acting more mature. I want to like her but she needs a big dose of humility. Hopefully her new PR management will tell her this.

  4. Hmmm… this sounds like a great new storyline for Season 6. With Kim, and NeNe making up, and Kim and Kandi’s legal battle. If Kim comes back next season I am going to die of excitement. 😀

  5. Yes i bet Kind ass thought about it and seeing that Ne Ne has blown up a bit she needs a friend now and since Ne Ne was the one who got her started from the get go maybe she can get her on sitcoms too. Kim is an opportunist and I can’t stand her. When will Ne Ne learn?

  6. I cannot believe that Kim still has a show. She must need NeNe to get on TV as she needed Kandi to make a song. I do not care for either yet I will say, “What out NeNe of that monkey in a wig.” Kim is an all around hooker and will do anything.

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