NeNe Leakes To Kenya Moore, “You Broke G-Code”


NeNe Leakes is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on the drama with Kenya Moore on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe explains why she invited Walter to her wedding and why she decided to sit down with Kenya after their fight in the season premiere. NeNe also takes a stand about Kenya texting Apollo. She says Kenya broke G-Code.

NeNe writes, “Keeping it as real as possible is how I like to roll, and staying true to who I am is important to me. So I sat down with Miss Delusional, whom I see right through, and the first thing I told her was that “I’m dating you! We are still getting to know each other, but because I know how to be a good friend and this is my city, I will take you to find a place to live!” Now you know what I am thinking. What business woman that’s claiming to be everything is homeless? But whatever, NeNe, just do your part.

She also brought up Walter once again and my answer was and still is this: Walter is cool with both me and my husband. We personally feel there was never a relationship between him and Kenya other than friendship, so girl move on! By the way, none of the guests who were invited to my wedding were privy to my guest list. Again, Gregg and I could care less if Kenya attended or not. She remains unimportant to us! I’m just hopeful that Kenya can find a new man to talk about, because Walter is so yesterday.

The Ladies Meet at the Lounge: This was my idea to try and bring everyone together for the purpose of putting the past away and helping Phaedra and Kenya’s relationship. Here’s my take on it: Kenya, it’s inappropriate to text anybody’s husband without their knowledge. You broke the G-Code!”

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  • angelia

    It’s very sad that Kenya cannot get along with women because she feels every man wants her. she’s dead wrong! Team Walter here she’s crazy to think other people cannot be friends with Walter because they are friends of hers your not special Kenya!

  • ‘I didn’t get all my answers from Cynthia, and you and Kenya need to have some sort of grown woman conversation where you can apologize for your actions, and hopefully she can apologize for her actions’, NeNe said.