NeNe Leakes Demanded Marlo Hampton Not Be Invited To RHOA Reunion?


According to a new report, NeNe Leakes is throwing around her power to Bravo execs after she allegedly demanded Bravo execs not invite her former BFF, Marlo Hampton to the RHOA reunion. RadarOnline reports that Leakes refused to attend if Hampton was invited.

“NeNe wants nothing to do with her, so she made a few phone calls and demanded that Marlo not be there,” an insider tells the site. 

“It’s a shame, but she always gets her way… By cutting off Marlo, she’s able to keep telling her side of story [about their feud] and doesn’t have to confront any of Marlo’s questions or allegations,” a show insider says. “Perhaps it’s a good thing Marlo wasn’t there or maybe there would have been two brawls at the reunion.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Demanded Marlo Hampton Not Be Invited To RHOA Reunion?”

  1. Bravo–bring back Marlo, and have in contract the women are not allowed to decide whom they film with. nene needs to be knocked down a few notches by decreasing her salary and other demands.

  2. I do love Nene, but I agree – having Marlo on the show full-time next season will be what knocks Nene down a few pegs.

  3. Power? Hene? Not. I think the moose stomped her hooves and the hissy fit frightened people at the show to give her what she wants. The moose is afraid of Marlo because only Marlo can slice a girl and SMILE with GLEE in her mugshots! The moose knows there are boundaries with Marlo, perhaps we could be treated to more of Marlo which will temper Hene’s fits?

  4. Just don’t understand why Moose is allowed to tell BRAVO and Miss Andy Cohen what to do. Are they afraid that she may attack them with her hooves?

  5. I wasn’t a big fan of Marlo’s when NeNe JUST HAD to take her to Africa with her. However, I felt Marlo go screwed over by the big bully this passed season! Bring Marlo BACK!!!! She showed more class in her little finger than NeNe has in her whole ghetto thumping body.

  6. Im not sure if this is true or not. They could have invited a TON of people to this reunion they was a good amount of extras this season. But everyone want Marlo on the show but how is that gonna work? Really this group? No and I think it is fair they get to decided who they film with as far as there own time.

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