NeNe Leakes And Cynthia Bailey’s Friendship Is Over


NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey’s friendship is over, as it was revealed during part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After disagreeing over parenting beliefs, NeNe’s fights with Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas and Leakes calling Peter “a bitch,” their once strong friendship has come to an end.

Accused of being NeNe’s lapdog, Cynthia says she believes she was a very loyal friend to NeNe, to the point where people have said she lived up NeNe’s ass. Cynthia explains that although NeNe apologized to Peter for calling him a bitch, there was still a lack of respect from her friend.

When asked how their relationship is now, Cynthia reveals, “We haven’t really talked, it’s been like two or three weeks now. I stopped counting.”

NeNe explains she thought they had squashed the problem and didn’t understand why Cynthia got angry when the episodes aired.

Next, Cynthia explains that she feels like she can never tell NeNe she’s wrong and if she does, NeNe “will feel some kind of way about it.”

Leakes claims she was also a VERY good friend to Bailey, but Cynthia clarifies that the respect factor was always one-sided.

“I don’t even know at this point, if she’s aware of how she can just be so shady,” Bailey ranted. “On her blog, she’s going in on me, but if you say anything about NeNe, she feels attacked.”

“Listen, I write a blog, and I just say how I feel,” NeNe tells her former friend.

“It’s shady,” Cynthia says. “I want the same respect from you that you expect from your friends.”

Watch Cynthia and NeNe discuss the end of their friendship below.

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  1. Sorry Cynthia. I hope one day “off camera ” you and Nene will fine a way to repair your friendship. Ending a friendship is like a death in the family. If Nene can see that respect goes both way in a friendship, then maybe you can move forward. All the cast members except one (Kenya) wants everyone to succeed and do well. Good luck to you and Nene

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