NeNe Leakes’ Bravo Spin-Off Show Announced! I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding!


It’s official! Bravo has announced NeNe Leakes’ spin-off show and it will air this Fall! The show will document NeNe and her soon to be husband (again) Gregg as they wed for the second time! NeNe will be planning the wedding of a lifetime and she will be working with celebrity wedding planner, Tiffany Cook.

The official press release states: “Bravo Media proves that a second time around is a charm with the new docu-series “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” (Working Title) featuring the nuptials of former spouses NeNe and Gregg Leakes, premiering this fall. Fans have gotten up close and personal with the couple during “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” watching them through a happy marriage, a devastating divorce and a romantic reconnection. The stars have aligned and the Leakes are ready to tie the knot once again in an extravagant wedding fit for a larger-than-life personality like NeNe.

Each episode will follow NeNe as she plans the wedding of a lifetime. To make her fantasy a reality, NeNe enlists the help of celebrity wedding planner Tiffany Cook. Despite Tiffany’s fabulous reputation and impeccable taste, NeNe will put her to the test in planning her one-of-a-kind wedding. Alongside NeNe is her bridal party, including Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton, who will surely bring a fair share of drama and fabulousness to the classy affair.

NeNe wants to start her second marriage to Gregg with a clean slate, including mending fences with Gregg’s children and reuniting with her father figure Curtis. Will they be able to move forward and celebrate her big day?

With A-listers from coast to coast, including Housewives galore and the Hollywood elite – will the invitees make the trek to the “Hollywood of the South” to witness her second chance at happily ever after?”

Are YOU excited for NeNe’s spin-off?

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9 Replies to “NeNe Leakes’ Bravo Spin-Off Show Announced! I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding!”

  1. Im very excitied because NeNe is my favorite housewife. I am glad that she has her happy back.. You go girl!!!

  2. Please, someone, wake me from this nightmare! I can’t stand loud and obnoxious NeNe on RHOC, and flat-out refuse to watch any spinoff featuring her.

  3. She was offered a spin-off first and didn’t take it and now she has a spin off that is exactly like her old pal Kim. Bravo had indeed jumped the shark and are milking this thing dry.

  4. I can’t stand any more negativity! Nene is at her most enjoyable when she is vulnerable and mellow, a new side we are just beginning to see. Think I’ll probably have to wait for the final episode on this one…

  5. Kandi already announced this, by accident, when she was on WWHL 2 weeks ago. Andy glazed over her comment,but didn’t look to happy about her sharing the info. Will be interesting to watch.

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