NeNe Leakes: Bravo Should Fire Kenya Moore


It’s no surprise that NeNe Leakes is the first cast member from The Real Housewives of Atlanta to speak out about Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore’s physical fight at the reunion taping last week. Speaking to the TMZ cameras, NeNe defends Porsha, saying, “Kenya stupid! She need to fix her fake booty.”

When asked if Porsha was being fired for getting physical, NeNe said, “She shouldn’t get kicked off. What they need to do is kick Kenya’s fake booty off.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    Just jelly nene talking….and I mean–jelly in every sense of the word!

    • Anonymous

      Nene is the one that needs to be fired. Her arrogance is laughable.

  • AngieB

    Really!!! Nene need to shut her BIG MOUTH.
    She thinks she is an A list actress and she is nothing but D list. I think it is hilarious that Kenya & Brandi are going to be on the Apprentice. I guess that really chaps Nene’s no dancing behind. Nene your washed up and I for one wish someone would put you in your place. I wish everyone would stop being afraid of you. I wish the fight at the reunion had been between Nene & Kenya. I would have loved to see Kenya throat punch Nene over and over again. And as for the argument between Nene and Pater. Nene rushed up to Peter at Kenya’s party and if she had acted like a lady Peter would have had no reason to say anything to her. Greg seems to be a very sweet person but he was so wrong about the argument with Peter. He should have checked his wife and her ego. When a woman approaches a man in a confrontational manner that same woman needs to be prepared to be treated like a man not a lady. No matter how much money and makeup you put on this PIG she will never be a LADY.

    • NE NE is a Big mouth Bully!! I well remember when the first episodes of RHOA aired, Ne Ne made fun of Kim’s Wigs, Now the shoe is on the other foot, ,Ne Ne needs to find someone that can give her some hair that doesn’t look so stupid..She looks nasty with that blond thing on her head. AND the only reason why Greg remarried her was for the money

  • janet

    Nene was a fan favorite because of her BAD behavior and outrageous one liners! Now, all I see is her bitter, jealous ways taking over!

    • I agree! Jealous bated Nene Leakes!

  • I totally agree with NENE!!!! Kenya is just so fake, rude, ignorant, and conceided!!

  • LocoForBravo

    I’m in agreement with Angie B!
    I’m sorry, but why should Kenya have to leave? NeNe’s behavior is more and more obnoxious in every episode. The way she presented herself at the charity event was off the charts. NeNe should have shown some class at the charity event regardless of how she came to be there. I don’t blame Peter Thomas one bit for wanting to leave. NeNe’s behavior would have made anyone uncomfortable and embarrassed. BTW… he was trying to leave without an incident, NeNe charged him like a bull wanting to know why he was leaving! I think Peter tried to explain it as tastefully as possible. Greg needs to get his facts straight. I was shocked when NeNe felt the need to school many on the subject of ignorance. Really? NeNe certainly has a high opinion of herself. I was highly entertained when she was discussing acting techniques with Porsha. WooHoo… now she’s Meryl Streep!

  • Actually it’s bravo & miss andy that should be removed from Television as it DUMBS DOWN AMERICA AND FURTHER’S THEIR “GAY AGENDA”………….

  • Betty B.

    Nene is the one shut be fire, always is a problem with this lady, plus Kenya.

  • Aya

    Nene should be fired. Her attitude brings the franchise down to a ghetto level.

    • Anonymous

      Nene is a very low class person and I can’t stand her. She never shuts up and doesn’t let people have their say. I don’t find her at all entertaining.

  • Amy Renee

    How is NeNe different from any of the other ladies? You call NeNe a bully but just look at Kenya. She attacks anyone who will allow it. All of them can be shady but that’s women. NeNe isn’t lying when she says she’s rich, just check her credits and net worth then compare to the other ladies. It’s drama, period but to single out NeNe as the bad girl is just wrong. In my opinion. I respect everyone has a right to their own opinion but she is actually one of my favs. I’m still mad they (including NeNe) ran off Claudia Jordan.