NeNe Leakes’ Bankruptcy Revealed


As we have already reported, NeNe Leakes owes $1 million in taxes and according to a new report, the former RHOA star has already filed for bankruptcy.

According to U.S. Bankruptcy Court documents, the reality star and entrepreneur filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy back in March 1996.

The struggling single mom, who then went by Linnethia Johnson, owed nearly $30,000 to various creditors, including $27,000 on a car loan and $2,000 on student debt.

Now, NeNe owns a $2 million mansion in Atlanta, she has listed her value in real property as $0 in the filing, according to RadarOnline.

The case was dismissed on April 4, 1996.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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So the rich bitch isn’t rich anymore, what a surprise!

That was perfect Suze, perfect. 🙂

President Trump has not paid over a billion dollar in taxes, why should she?

She has listed her value in real property as zero? I don’t get it. How is that possible. Here we go again. This reminds me of someone else.
I how she can learn to live smaller and pay her debts.

I meant I HOPE she can learn to live smaller…

Money problems are easy. Spend less than you mske

Princess of Strogonoff

She can always go back to her stripping and pole dancing to make extra bucks

She’s past her shelf live….not gonna work


NeNe & he Husband have been in trouble before.. I remember the episode,( I don’t remember when but it was the season after they were remarried) Anyway, at that time they owed about one hundred thousand dollars.. Dude, I am self employed and I pay quarterly taxes.. With all the acting jobs she had, if just rented an apartment for herself, she could have paid off h we taxes, or at least pay them down.. I just don’t understand this type of irresponsibility, especially for a Couple in their Age bracket? Seriously, they had/have to pay taxes in Cali.. She… Read more »

Reserve a wing.. I know, lot’s of typos.. Yikes!

Typos happen. We all have them! I wondered why she bought a home in CA too. I thought renting would make more sense, but she must have been rolling in the dough at that point and thought the well would never run dry and she would keep her job. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine she thought so at the time. I don’t make excuses for people living above their means. So many are in deep debt, especially credit card debt. I am not in the limelight, having to maintain an image for the masses either. I think… Read more »