NeNe Leakes And Kim Zolciak Getting Bravo Spin-Off Show?


According to a new report, NeNe Leakes could be leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta to do a spin-off show with her former co-star Kim Zolciak. Leakes would potentially produce the spin-off show with her and Zolciak and it would focus on the duo’s comedic antics rather than shady drama.

LALATE reports that if Leakes did leave RHOA, fans could expect Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton to return, along with another new Housewife, while one existing Housewife would probably get the axe. There are three factors that will affect NeNe’s decision to exit; the first is salary, the second is timeslot, and the third is production.

While NeNe’s salary has been reported to be as high as $1 million per season, the site claims she will be asking for the same salary on a spin-off show. Leakes was also upset when Kandi Burruss’ wedding spin-off show had higher ratings than her own, but that was because Kandi scored a better timeslot on Bravo. Leakes is expected to get the RHOA Sunday 9PM EST timeslot when RHOA is on hiatus, or nab the after RHOA timeslot currently filled by shows like Thicker Than Water. Lastly, NeNe wants to to produce shows through her company NeNe Leakes Entertainment, but she is tired of the “ambush” filming that she has dealt with on RHOA.

Bravo reportedly wants a NeNe-Kim spin-off show.

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28 Replies to “NeNe Leakes And Kim Zolciak Getting Bravo Spin-Off Show?”

  1. Bravo needs to stop recycling these tired old d-list celebrities in their programming and give new blood a chance. Earn your $$$ Bravo producers and find new talent!

    1. I TOTALLY agree.
      Why bring Kim back???? Ugh. Awful. Her spinoff failed because new life is boring. She is just married with a bunch of kids. The only thing that made her interesting was that she had an affair with an older, married guy.
      Get rid of Nene and Porsha. Both are boring and just played out.

  2. I was just about to ask, “why does she think anyone would watch it?” … and then Anonymous says she would love it. Go figure.

  3. This sounds fun. Even if the salary is less than RHOA, I would still think this is a better deal. You get to keep your sanity. These two personalities would be sooooo fun to watch. This is the worst season of RHOA, anyway. Pull a Bethany, NeNe. Jump ship. Take a housewives hiatus and get your “happy” back.

  4. This would be fantastic to see these two together again Brave needs to cancel RHOA the show is nothing with out the Queen ijs

  5. Well now tryst NeNe and Kim are BFF’s again and births blondes again- if they do a show together they can share wigs- but you can bet a million dollars Kim will NEVER wear that Top Raman Noodle look one though! 😉

  6. Never watched any of the spinoffs of Nene and especially the Kim ones. She does nothing that is interesting that would warrant a tv show about her life. Her house is run by others, she has umpteen nannies supposedly, doesn’t speak to her crazyass husband’s family. With a fake body, a mouth like a bad sailor turned truck driver, I can’t think of one reason her show would be of interest to millions.

  7. I would so watch that show.loved the 1st season with them two.they were fun and made the show fun to watch.dont think its good tv to see a women sell her sex toys.these dhows used to be just just nasty and fighting.

  8. I loved Kim’s show. No drama, just a cute, fun family. I also loved it when she and Nene were friends on RHOA. I think this would be a great show. I’d definitely watch.

  9. Bravo should clean the RHOA cast first by firing Kenya Moowhore, then NeNe can be at peace on the show, and everyone else for that matter hahahahahah

  10. I would LOVE to see a spinoff with Nene and Kim. I bet it would be hilarious. When they were getting along they made some good TV. I agree about Kenya, really Bravo, enough already. Kenya is such a sad representative for young girls.

  11. it would be really good as long as Nene didn’t bitch behind Kim’s back as She has done so many times! It would be nice if it was a fun show for a change.

  12. This could be good. NeNe just seems real over RHOA and she’s been coming across really ad the last 2 seasons.

    Back when she was on WWHL with Kim she seemed more like the fun NeNe that was the highlight of RHOA ages ago.

  13. Nene is the BIGGEST bully (literally) on any of the Bravo shows. She really let something go to her head. I’ve never watched any of Kim’s shows because she is so low class. Her raunchy, foul mouthed version of Beverly Hillbillies was not interesting to me at all and SHOULD BE incredibly embarrassing. The two of them together is my version of a horror movie. No thanks!

  14. Can’t believe Kroy married Kim. He is an amazing man. He deserves so much better than her. They spend money like it grows on trees. Where does all this $ come from? They’ll be broke as soon as kroy quits playing ball. Very short-lived career.
    Can you imagine Kim having yo take care of the family and house by herself? Like most of America has to do. Without nanny’s, Cooks, and personal trainers. Does her wig line make that much money? They must spend $6000 a month just on domestic help. Let alone her personal assistant.

    Wonder if they’ll stay married once the money train stops.

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